From The Inside – Visions 2008 album review. 4.5 star rating.


From The Inside


2008 release from Frontiers Records srl, Blistering Records.

From The Inside – ‘Listen To Your Heart’ audio video.

From The Inside – ’21st Century’ audio video.

Danny Vaughn – Vocals. Jimi Bell – Guitar. Fabrizio Grossi – Bass. Eric Ragno – Keyboards.  Peter Lobo – Drums.

Artist location: Various.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Light Years.
  2. Making Waves.
  3. If It’s Not Love.
  4. Listen To Your Heart.
  5. Love Is No Stranger.
  6. 21st Century.
  7. Days Of Hunger.
  8. Visions.
  9. Moment To Moment.
  10. One More Night In Heaven.
  11. Push Me Off.
  12. Telemetry.



Prior to Tyketto’s phenomenal album ‘Reach‘ that released last year, this beauty of a record held my number two spot for all-time favorite Danny Vaughn album, though all of my top three (‘Don’t Come Easy‘, ‘Reach‘ and this one) come into those positions by only the smallest of margins as all three are simply superb through and through.

From The Inside’s self-titled debut from 2004 saw the band delivering some excellent songs, a lot of which were covers, such as two of my favorites from the album, LeAnn Rimes’ ‘Surrender‘ and ‘Damn‘, which came from her 2002 album ‘Twisted Angel‘. The debut is a terrific record, but they outdid themselves when they returned four years later with their crowning achievement in ‘Visions‘, a melodic rock lover’s dream come true kind of record.

A supergroup of sorts, this second album saw only Vaughn and bassist Fabrizio Grossi (Los Angeles) returning from the debut. This time around the two men pulled in the incredible Jimi Bell (House Of Lords) on guitar, the seriously talented Eric Ragno (Michael Bormann, Dante Fox) on keyboards and Peter Lobo on drums to fill out the rest of the group and, suffice it to say, these men are all superb musicians, as is clearly evident on just one listen of the record.

Light Years‘ is a simply wonderful melodic rocker that opens the album up perfectly for us.

You know that ‘Making Waves‘ is going to be a superb track the moment it starts. Opening with some terrific keys and a driving beat, this is one fantastic song that features not one, but two, great guitar solos from Bell.

If It’s Not Love‘ is a beautiful ballad that features a superb vocal delivery from Vaughn (as if the man ever delivers anything less than that!)

Track four is one of my absolute favorites here. ‘Listen To Your Heart‘ is another outstanding rocker that has one of the best and catchiest choruses of the record. Excellent song!

Love Is No Stranger‘ is a terrific, more mid-tempo track that leads into the rocking ‘21st Century‘, one of the definite highlights of the album for me. I love this track.

Days Of Hunger‘ takes the pace down only slightly from the previous track with a fine piece of melodic rock that takes us right into the title track. ‘Visions‘ is another mid-tempo number and is a lovely track with another great vocal.

Moment To Moment‘ is the weakest rocker here in my opinion but it is nothing close to being a bad track and barely brings the record down for me.

One More Night In Heaven‘ is another beautiful mid-tempo ballad that leads us into a fantastic upbeat AOR track with ‘Push Me Off‘.

The album comes to an end with the driving ‘Telemetry‘, a wonderful rocker that ends the record on the same high note and with the same energy that it started with.

The record is a near perfect piece of melodic rock with tremendous vocals, as is always the case when Danny Vaughn is involved, some excellent guitar solos from Bell, plenty of keyboards from Ragno and some great work from Grossi and Lobo on bass and drums, all of which harken back to the days when melodic rock actually ruled the radio waves.

If you have somehow missed out on this one before now then go check it out right away. Sadly, as is the case so often for us with this genre, this album is now out of print. But, unlike so many others, the price has yet to skyrocket and you can still find both this and the debut online for a decent price.

If you are a fan of Danny Vaughn, Jimi Bell, Erik Ragno or keys heavy (but never overpowering) melodic rock then this is a record for you. An outstanding release from a group of incredible musicians that belongs in every genre lover’s collection.

Very highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:


‘Light Years’.

‘Making Waves’. 

‘If It’s Not Love’.

‘Listen To Your Heart’.

‘Love Is No Stranger’.

’21st Century’.

‘One More Night In Heaven’.

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