Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain 2017 album review. 3.5 star rating.


Battle Beast

‘Bringer Of Pain’

2017 release from Nuclear Blast Records.

Battle Beast – ‘Straight To The Heart’ audio video.

Battle Beast – ‘King For A Day’ music video.

Battle Beast – ‘Familiar Hell’ music video.

Noora Louhimo – Vocals. Juuso Soinio – Guitar. Joona Bjorkroth – Guitar. Eero Sipila – Bass, backing vocals. Janne Bjorkroth – Keyboard. Pyry Vikki – Drums.

Artist location: Finland.

3.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Straight To The Heart.
  2. Bringer Of Pain.
  3. King For A Day.
  4. Beyond The Burning Skies.
  5. Familiar Hell.
  6. Lost In Wars (Feat. Tomi Joutsen).
  7. Bastard Son Of Odin.
  8. We Will Fight.
  9. Dancing With The Beast.
  10. Far From Heaven.
  11. God Of War (Bonus track).
  12. The Eclipse (Bonus track).
  13. Rock Trash (Bonus track).



Finnish metal band Battle Beast is back with album number four and a change in musical styles for the band. Typically going the full-on power metal route, this time around the band has opted for a more straight forward hard rock sound with heavier influences coming from the 1980’s then they have ever used before.

This one is a requested review. I had already purchased this album as I actually enjoy some, certainly not all, of the music from this band, but I was trying to decided if I was going to be posting a review of it because I didn’t know if anyone else here would be into this music. This will most certainly not appeal to everyone here and, as I said, I was not really planning a review, but after receiving the request (from several different readers actually) I knew I had to write one up and get it posted.

So here it is.

While I do enjoy some power metal, it is not something that I am very big into and my knowledge of the music and bands is lacking, to say the least, so my first introduction to this band did not come until 2015 and their third album, ‘Unholy Savior‘, when, somewhere, I heard the beautiful ballad ‘Sea Of Dreams’ and loved it. It is a terrific power ballad that slowly builds and featured a powerful new voice (to me) in vocalist Noora Louhima. And what a voice it is. She dances deftly across various ranges of singing, from lower register to higher register, softer vocals, like the beginning of the song, to some incredible high notes and even some screams (not the death metal/screamo style) that are a bit reminiscent of some of Lee Aaron’s vocals from back in the day, and it is all done with such an incredible power it is truly impressive. Just take a listen from the 3:15 mark to the 4:00 mark of the song and you will hear what I mean.

So when I heard they were recording a new album I was ready for it, but I waited to order until I heard something from the record because while I enjoyed Louhimo’s voice, I was not really sold on the band.

The first single released and it was ‘King For A Day‘. I loved it. Catchy as hell and incredible vocals again. Then the next single released, ‘Familiar Hell‘, and it was the same thing, very catchy, very good rock n’ roll.

I pre-ordered the album right away and listened to it as soon as I received it. And quite enjoyed it for the most part.

Straight To The Heart‘ starts things off and it is apparent as soon as the music starts that we are in for a catchy melody, and that is exactly what is delivered as soon as the chorus starts. Fantastic song, terrific vocal performance and very easily the best song present. Just a great rocker.

The title track comes in second and is a fast paced, hard rocking head banger that leads into ‘King For A Day‘ which is the first single I heard from the album prior to it releasing and it is another very catchy rocker, as I have said.

Beyond The Burning Skies‘ is a lovely song that starts with some brief keys, fooling you for just a couple of seconds into thinking you are going into a ballad, before cranking up into another hard rocking number.

Familiar Hell‘ is a fantastic track. Another head banging rocker with a catchy as hell chorus that is ruined a bit by a brief speaking part near the end. Noora channels a bit of Doro in parts of this one.

Lost In Wars‘ is a duet that features Tomi Joutsen (Sinisthr). This is the first of only three tracks on this album that I just do not like one bit, this one all due to the verses and the almost Rammstein sound they have to them. Just not for me. A hard and heavy rocker.

Bastard Son Of Odin‘ is far better than the previous song and gets us back on track with the sound found on the first half of the record. Not the strongest track by any means but a good one and it features a great guitar solo.

We Will Fight‘ is a terrific metal track on par with some of the best of the record but it leads into ‘Dancing With The Beast‘ which is a very pop rock style track and is another of my least favorites from the album.

Far From Heaven‘ is the ballad of this album. A decent enough track but when comparing to ‘Sea Of Dreams‘, which I will always compare their ballads to now, it is just not up to that strength. Great vocal from Louhima here though. This song marks the end of the regular version of the album.

If you purchase the deluxe edition you get three additional tracks starting with the fast paced rocker ‘God Of War‘, a pretty good track that leads into ‘The Eclipse‘, another hard rocking number that is a little stronger than the first bonus track in my opinion. If you really dig the band then these two tracks are worth getting the deluxe edition for. The third and final bonus track not so much though.

That final song is a song called ‘Rock Trash‘, which is exactly what it sounds like it would be, a hard and heavy rock n’ roller that, while not trash, is most certainly not one of the better songs offered here and I could have done without it myself.

For my personal tastes, this is easily the strongest album from the band yet. Take a dab of Nightwish, a slight filtering here and there of Sabaton and a dose of modernized sounding 80’s rock and you have ‘Bringer Of Pain‘.

While I do like their sound, and there are several songs here that I do quite enjoy, and I am a big fan of Noora’s vocals, I just don’t see this as being a record that will see an overabundance of play for me personally save a couple of tracks like the album opener which, as I have said, is an awesome song that sits on top along with my other two favorite songs from the band, ‘I Want The World…And Everything In It’ and the aforementioned ‘Sea Of Dreams‘.

If you like the band and their recent turn away from the more traditional power metal than you will likely enjoy this album very much. If you haven’t heard it, or them, then give it a try and just see what you think because you just never know and, as stated, there are some pretty good songs presented on the album.



Standout Tracks:


‘Straight To The Heart’.

‘King For A Day’.

‘Beyond The Burning Skies’.

‘Familiar Hell’. ‘

We Will Fight’.

‘God Of War’.

‘The Eclipse’.

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