Creye – Straight To The Top EP 2017 album review. 4.5 star rating.



‘Straight To The Top’

2017 release.

Creye – ‘Straight To The Top’ audio video.

Alexander Strandell – Vocals. Andreas Gullstrand – Guitar. Joel Rönning – Keyboard. Gustaf Örsta – Bass. Arvid Filipsson – Drums.

Artist Location: Sweden.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Straight To The Top.
  2. Never Too Late.
  3. No Easy Way Out (Robert Tepper cover).



Creye is a new melodic rock band coming out of…well where else but Sweden.

Seriously, what the hell is up with that place? Not that there are not some outstanding artists coming from other parts of the world because, as we all know, there most certainly are, but I swear Europe has to account for about 97 percent of melodic rock these days and new bands just keep popping up from over there seemingly daily. I may just have to pack the family up and move over there.

Okay, so that is likely never going to happen of course, but it is amazing how many bands and artists keep showing up from there that are churning out some amazing melodic rock.

Well add to those throngs of bands this new project from guitarist, writer and band mastermind Andreas Gullstrand (Grand Slam). Also featured are the considerable talents of Gustaf Örsta on bass, Joel Rönning is the man behind the keys and Arvid Filipsson takes the seat behind the drumkit. And then on vocals we have ex-Diamond Dawn and current Art Nation vocalist Alexander Strandell who, as usual, is in top form here and sounds fantastic.

All of these artists prove themselves here as being more than capable musicians and they all do an outstanding job.

Gullstrand started this dream of his in 2015 and finally cemented a line-up and went on to record this three track EP that, I hope, is only the beginning for these guys because I can see big things in their future if they continue on with this kind of power.

Straight To The Top‘ is the first track and my personal favorite. As soon as the track starts you know just what you are in for, a powerful, keys heavy rocker that is very reminiscent of bands like H.E.A.T. and Art Nation and it is just an excellent, catchy as hell tune that can sit along with some of the best of the genre.

Never Too Late‘ comes in at track number two although it is actually the first song to be released from the band. Another fantastic rocker that just screams of something akin to that H.E.A.T. sound. This is the first song I heard from the band and it sent me immediately to pre-order the EP.

And lastly on this far too short disc is the oft covered ‘No Easy Way Out‘ from Robert Tepper. The guys do a terrific job on this one and give this classic song it’s due treatment leaving us with an itch to hear much more from these fantastic musicians.

I have spoken with Gullstrand a few times and he is just a super cool fellow and I hope and pray that we will soon be blessed with a full length album from this gifted artist and the incredible musicians he has gathered around him.

Fans of Art NationH.E.A.T. or similar bands should certainly love this one as it is right on par with everything those bands have put out.

It is available from the band’s Facebook page for only the price of shipping which is as follows,

7 SKR for Sweden customers.

2 EUR for European customers.

2 GBP for UK customers.

$3.00 for all the rest of us.

Not too bad, and payable through Paypal.

Do yourself a big favor and check these guys out. If you are a fan of what is coming out of Sweden these days in the genre then I do not believe you will be disappointed in the least with this release.


Very highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Straight To The Top’.

‘Never Too Late’.

‘No Easy Way Out’.




Click here to visit the band’s Facebook page.

Click here to visit the band’s website.





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