Veer – Come Clean Single.



‘Come Clean’

2017 release.

Veer – ‘Come Clean’ audio video.

Ronald Malfi – Vocals, guitar. Ryan Fowler – Guitars, backing vocals. Christian Mathis – Bass. Jon Malfi – Drums.

Artist location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA.

Reviewed by David.

This is one I am very late in getting posted and I must apologize to the guys, who have waited patiently, for my delay in getting something up on here.

The band is called Veer and they hail from Maryland here in the States. They are made up of some gifted artists that came together from the ashes of three different bands to form this one, a band that is highly steeped in the post-Grunge rock sound of the late 1990’s.

Vocalist Ronald Malfi leads the charge here with guitarist Ryan Fowler blazing his way along and bassist Christian Mathis and drummer Jon Malfi rounding out the rythym and groove section with all members proving their talent on this first single.

That single, ‘Come Clean‘, has just been released and it is a rather alternative rock sounding track that brings to mind bands such as Vertical Horizon, though much heavier than said band, and as such far superior to these ears.

With crunchy guitars, a thumping bassline and a driving beat backing a vocalist that was made to sing this style music, the song is sure to please any fan of the 90’s rock era.

These guys have become a well known staple in the Mid-Atlantic music scene and this Summer they prepare to conquer the rest of the world with their brand of alternative rock as their debut album is set to drop in the not too distant future.

After speaking a few times with drummer Jon Malfi and hearing this track many times now, I am very anxious to hear the rest of the upcoming album as this first single is promising that the record will be a crowd pleaser for fans of alternative.

If you want a great throwback to the post-Grunge rock scene when bands such as Vertical Horizon were ruling the airwaves then look no further. These guys have it, and they do it right.

Take a listen to ‘Come Clean‘ by following the link near the top of the page. If you like what you hear then head on over and follow thier Facebook page to stay on top of what is coming with the band and stay tuned here for a full album review to come soon.



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