Eclipse – Monumentum 2017 album review. 5 star rating.




2017 release from Frontiers Records srl.

Erik Martensson – Vocals, guitar, keyboards. Magnus Henriksson – Guitar. Magnus Ulfstedt – Bass. Philip Crusner – Drums. Johan Berlin – Additional keyboards.

Artist location: Sweden.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David:

  1. Vertigo.
  2. Never Look Back.
  3. Killing Me.
  4. The Downfall Of Eden.
  5. Hurt.
  6. Jaded.
  7. Born To Lead.
  8. For Better Or For Worse.
  9. No Way Back.
  10. Night Comes Crawling.
  11. Black Rain.
  12. The Downfall Of Eden (Japanese bonus track).



The great Erik Martensson along with the uber talented Magnus Henriksson, Magnus Ulfstedt and Philip Crusner, better known as the band Eclipse, are back for album number six. Though there have been some line-up changes over the years the band, save drummer Crusner who only joined in 2015, have been the same for several years now. Those years now include three perfect records in a row starting with the incredible 2012 ‘Bleed And Scream‘, the insurmountable ‘Armageddonize‘ from 2015 and now, the aptly titled ‘Monumentum‘.

Anyone who follows me knows that I am in awe of Martensson’s abilities. The young man is simply a musical marvel and his ability to continually write and produce some of the top music of the genre is exactly why this band has become one of the number one bands in melodic rock, if not THE number one band.

The band, who started out in less than stellar territory in their beginnings, has continually improved with each release and turned themselves into one of the most anticipated bands of any year that they are releasing new material.

The band sounds phenomenal here (what’s new there) and each member proves their contributions invaluable and shows just why they all mesh so well. This is a sensational group of musicians who prove their talents over and over on this record.

Well by this point we all know exactly what to expect from the pen of Martensson and an album from Eclipse, scorching guitars, thundering drums, grooving basslines, big vocals, huge melodies and hooks galore. Well ‘Monumentum‘ does not differ from that formula and what we get are eleven tracks of some of the best melodic rock that you can find.

The album starts with two high energy rockers, ‘Vertigo‘ and ‘Never Look Back‘, both of which were released before the album dropped. These two songs are a fantastic start to the album and set up the pacing that rarely waivers throughout the entire record.

Killing Me‘ is another upbeat track and I personally think it is a slightly better track then the first two. A great tune and one of the best of the album.

The Downfall Of Eden‘ is a song whose melody brings to mind ‘Battlegrounds‘ from the ‘Bleed And Scream‘ album as there are some similarities found here. A terrific track, definitely one of my favorites of the record.

Hurt‘ starts out rather mellow before the band joins in during the second verse and it turns into a slightly more mid-tempo rocker. Easily the best vocal peformance of the album and likely to be one of the best ballads of the year.

Moving back to the faster pace of the first few tracks, ‘Jaded‘ is another upbeat song that the band released early and it takes us into the rocking ‘Born To Lead‘.

For Better Or For Worse‘, ‘No Way Back‘ and ‘Night Comes Crawling‘ are all three grade A rockers and they lead to the final track of the album, ‘Black Rain‘, a heavy rock n’ roller that is one of my favorites of the record.

If you get the Japanese import version of the album then you will have a bonus track that is an acoustic version of ‘The Downfall Of Eden

My sole complaint with this record is that I wish they would have added a bit more variety into the songs as they pretty much all have the same pacing, but, being that all of the songs are still very strong that is just my personal preference.

For my money there is really no band who does it better, as consistently, then Eclipse right now in modern melodic rock. These young men have the pulse of the fanbase and they deliver, time and time again, records that are superior to a lot of what is released these days and they have done it once again with ‘Monumentum‘. A stunning record from a group of amazingly talented artists that I simply cannot get enough of.

Highest of recommendations.




Standout Tracks:



‘Killing Me’.

‘Never Look Back’. 

‘The Downfall Of Eden’. ‘


‘Born To Lead’. 

‘Black Rain’.

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