One Desire – Self Titled 2017 album review. 4.5 star rating.


One Desire

‘Self Titled’

2017 release from Frontiers Records srl.

One Desire – ‘Hurt’ music video.

André Linman – Vocals, guitar. Jimmy Westerlund – Guitar. Jonas Kuhlberg – Bass. Ossi Sivula – Drums.

Artist location: Finland.

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Hurt.
  2. Apologize.
  3. Love Injection.
  4. Turn Back Time.
  5. Falling Apart.
  6. Straight Through The Heart.
  7. Whenever I’m Dreaming.
  8. Do You Believe.
  9. Buried Alive.
  10. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins.
  11. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins (Acoustic version. Japanese bonus track).



The brand new Finnish band One Desire’s self titled debut is another of the records that releases tomorrow, March 24th, and another that was a VERY highly anticipated album for me.

I had seen Frontiers’ posts about the band and how great the music was that was coming our way, but I had yet to hear anything from the band. In fact all I knew about them was that they were from Finland and that vocalist André Linman, formerly of the band Sturm Und Drang (the band behind the terrific 2012 ‘Graduation Day‘ album) , was attached to the project.

Then these guys came out of nowhere and completely floored me with their debut single, ‘Hurt‘ (click on the link near the top of the page to see the music video). That song released and as soon as the music started I knew I was going to be blown away. The song captures everything that is so incredible about this genre and sums up exactly why I love this music. There is simply no other music being made these days that can make me feel the way I do when I hear a song of this power in melodic rock. Seriously, how can anyone NOT love this genre!

Well suffice it to say, after such a debut song, the record could not arrive fast enough to suit me.

And it didn’t.

I had to wait,

and wait,

and wait forever it seemed for it to arrive.

There were three other singles that were released early from the record that would help with the wait, which I will get to soon, but ‘Hurt‘ remained my favorite by a long shot and the album was still taking light years to get here it seemed.

Well it did finally arrive and as soon as I received the record I ripped into and popped it in, sat back and was…

Disappointed? 😦

Yes…at first listen.

But let me explain.

My disappointment had nothing to do with the band or even the strength of the music contained, but just the expectations I had built up in my head on what I was going to be hearing when I spun this record because what I was expecting to hear and what I heard were two different things.

There are not too many tracks like ‘Hurt‘ or ‘Apologize‘ here. In fact the majority of the record is a bit more pop rock oriented then harder rock like those two tracks, though there are certainly not a shortage of kick ass rockers present, and that is where my disappointment was founded.

Again, on first listen only at least.

But that very very quickly changed.

As quickly as the second spin in fact. I found myself really starting to dig the other tracks that had not captured me right away that first time. This go around I knew exactly what to expect and I found that the same strength in songwriting that I had seen in ‘Hurt‘ was still very much present in the other tracks.

And they were damn good songs.

By the third listen I was singing along and digging the hell out of the disc and you know what, these guys straight up rock! and that pop rock element is not a negative thing by any means.

Sure, not every song is a head banging, fist pumping metal extravaganza, but this band knew the sound they wanted, they wrote for it and they delivered, in spades, a record that should be a very welcome addition to any music lovers library.

So let’s get to those songs.

Hurt‘ is the opening track and as stated, it is a beast of a song. Any one of us could likely name five, if not more, songs off the top of our heads, without even giving it any thought whatsoever, of songs that we just could not fathom someone not liking. This is one of those songs for me. An amazing rocker that just sums up exactly what modern melodic rock is all about. I think I would have bought this album for this song alone.

Thankfully there are far more than enough strong tracks present to make almost this entire album a homerun.

Apologize‘ is the second track and was the third single released. This one is another rocker and it screams of Eclipse to my ears. Excellent song with a fantastic chorus that, while perhaps not quite as strong as the album opener, is still a smashing track.

Love Injection‘ is the only song on the record that I just do not like. Far too pop rock for my personal tastes, though it does have a nice guitar solo in it, and despite my many spins of this disc this one track still just fails to capture me.

Turn Back Time‘ features some fantastic guitar work and a heavy dose of an Eclipse sound to it. Terrific track with a great chorus.

Falling Apart‘ is a mid-tempo pop rocker with a great vocal delivery from Linman and it leads us into the rocking ‘Straight Through The Heart‘. This song has the best guitar solo of the album in my opinion. A great song and a fantastic solo.

Whenever I’m Dreaming‘ was the second single released early from the album and, after a debut track like ‘Hurt‘, I’ll admit there was pretty much nothing they could have done that would not have disappointed me just a bit. This is a much more pop rock oriented track then that first single and on first listen I was not overly sold on it, but after subsequent listens I now have to say that it is a damn catchy little tune and another great delivery from Linman.

Do You Believe‘ is an upbeat affair that, while certainly not a headbanger, is a fine rocker that leads into the heaviest track of the album, the Erik Martensson co-written ‘Buried Alive‘. This song kicks ass. That is really all there is to it. A fast and heavy rocker that borders on metal territory. Awesome performances by everyone here.

This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins‘ ends the record. This was the final single that was released from the album and is the only real ballad present. This lovely song about taboo love is a mid-tempo number that is a great end to this incredible record.

The Japanese import of the album also features the acoustic version of ‘This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins‘.

I think one of the most surprising things for me here is that, though this leans more towards the melodic pop rock arena as I said, there are an abundance of fantastic guitar solos present all throughout the album. In fact I do not believe there is a single track that does not contain at least one outstanding solo.

I have been a fan of Linman’s since I first heard him with Sturm Und Drang and while he was the only band member here that I was familiar with prior to hearing this record, Jimmy Westerlund, Jonas Kuhlberg and Ossi Sivula all very quickly won me over as they proved their talents here in both the writing, playing and, in Westerlund’s case, also mixing and producing the album. These guys are all fantastic artists and we can only hope that this is the first of only many albums we are going to get from the band.

Though it took me an extra spin or two to get past my preconceived expectations of what the album was going to sound like, this turned out to be one hell of a powerful record and fans of bands such as Eclipse, and pretty much any fan of modern melodic rock, should not hesitate to get this one.

An excellent, albeit fairly short listen, melodic pop/rock record of the first order that I very highly recommend for any fan of the genre.

Very highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:




‘Turn Back Time’.

‘Straight Through The Heart’.

‘Buried Alive’.

‘This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins’.





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