Viana – Self Titled 2017 album review. 4 star rating.





2017 release from Street Symphonies Records.


Viana album teaser.


Alessandro Del Vecchio – Vocals. Stefano Viana – Guitar. Francesco Marras – Guitar. Anna Portalupi – Bass. Pasquale India – Keyboards. Alessandro Mori – Drums. Gabriele Gozzi – Backing vocals.


Artist location: Italy.


4 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1.  Straight Between Our Hearts.
  2.  Bad Signs.
  3.  Feel Your Love Tonight.
  4.  Night Of Fire.
  5.  Follow The Dawn.
  6.  A New Love.
  7.  Living A Lie.
  8.  Just To Sing.
  9.  Open Road.
  10.  That Place Is You.



The band Viana may be unknown to you, but I guarantee you have heard of some of the names involved with this record, and after listening to the album then I assure you that Stefano Viana is a name you will remember well.

It was a new name to me, to be honest, but after seeing familiar names like Alessandro Del VecchioAnna Portalupi (Hardline), Francesco Marras (Terry Brock, Moonland), Alessandro Mori (Ted Poley) with Pasquale India and Gabriele Gozzi, that have joined up with newcomer guitarist and band namesake, Stefano Viana, then I knew it was something I would have to give a shot.

And I am happy that I did.

These talented musicians gathered around Stefano to help him bring this brainchild of his to life with ten tracks of melodic rock goodness that should appeal to fans of album oriented rock.

The über talented Del Vecchio is on vocals here and he is no stranger to being behind the mic, though we typically see him more in other areas. He does an excellent job here as always and sounds terrific. We really should hear more lead vocals from this guy.

The other musicians are definitely a talented bunch as well and deliver superbly as we have all come to expect from these folks, so there is no surprise there.

But despite that sheer amount of talent involved, the real standout of the record here is the man himself, Stefano Viana. Coming out of nowhere, for me at least, Viana quickly established himself as a rising force for our genre by not only showing his chops on the guitar but also he has written a great debut album here and, as stated, was able to gather a superb group of artists to help him deliver this record with a smooth and polished production and some just terrific songs.

The one thing I will say is that this is more of a put it in and let it play through kind of record over a hits album. And please do not take that to mean it is bad because that is the last thing I mean. It is just better enjoyed, I believe, as a whole album as opposed to just selecting a few standout tracks to listen to.

Give it a chance and you may join me in hoping that we will see a lot more of Stefano Viana in the future.



Standout Tracks:


‘Straight Between Our Hearts’.

‘Bad Signs’.

‘Feel Your Love Tonight’.

‘Follow The Dawn’.

‘Living A Lie’.

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