Jorn – Life On Death Road 2017 album review. 4 star rating.



‘Life On Death Road’



2017 release from Frontiers Music srl.


Jorn – ‘Life On Death Road’ music video.


Jorn – ‘Fire To The Sun’ music video.


Jorn Lande – Vocals. Alex Beyrodt – Guitar. Mat Sinner – Bass. Alessandro Del Veccio – Keyboard. Francesco Jovino – Drums.


Artist location: Norway.


4 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David


  1. Life On Death Road.
  2. Hammered To The Cross (The Business).
  3. Love Is The Remedy.
  4. Dreamwalker.
  5. Fire To The Sun.
  6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness).
  7. I Walked Away.
  8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman’s Rope).
  9. Devil You Can Drive.
  10. The Optomist.
  11. Man Of The 80s.
  12. Blackbirds.



The mighty Jorn Lande is back one year, almost to the day, after the release of his fantastic covers album ‘Heavy Rock Radio‘, this time with an album of new material and frankly one of the best original Jorn solo albums in years.

Joining Lande on this ride are a cast of incredible musicians, Alessandro Del VecchioAlex Beyrodt (Primal Fear), Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Francesco Jovino (Primal Fear), assuring that we get some of the absolute best playing you can have, and all live up to their names here sounding utterly fantastic.

And Jorn, what can you say about this guy? Does he ever sound anything less than extraordinary? Not that I have ever heard. With one of the greatest metal voices out there this man continually delivers his A game time and time again and this new record gives us a Jorn Lande that is at the top of his game and sounding sensational.

So the music? Well as I said, this is definitely one of the strongest albums he has delivered in years and for me it sits right up there with some of his best solo work.

Life On Death Road‘ is a seven plus minute track with a long and killer guitar solo from Beyrodt.

Hammered To The Cross (The Business)‘ is another hard rocking track with a terrific chorus and is one of my favorites from the record, as is the following track, ‘Love Is The Remedy‘.

Dreamwalker‘ is a great rocker that has an almost progressive sound in it’s melody while ‘Fire To The Sun‘ is a terrific, head-banging track.

Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)‘ is a hard and heavy number while ‘I Walked Away‘ is a more mellow track that has a bit of groove to it that leads into ‘The Slippery Slope (Hangman’s Rope)‘ which is another fantastic rocker with a great chorus.

Devil You Can Drive‘ is the first of only two songs on this record that I find passable personally. A heavy, upbeat track.

The Optomist‘ is a terrific mid-tempo ballad that leads into another favorite of mine, ‘Man Of The 80s‘. This is a wonderful track that is written from the perspective of a man looking back over his youth growing up in the 80’s and the events that happened in that time. Excellent performance from Lande here.

Blackbirds‘ is the final track of the album and the second song I think is rather passable. It is a track that starts out in ballad territory and then slowly builds up.

Jorn is an artist that you either like or you don’t. You know what you are getting with a new release from this man so there are really no surprises to be found. So if you have not been a fan in the past then this album is likely not going to change that for you. But, if you do like his music then you will love this one because it is one of the strongest ones we have gotten from him in recent years.

Incredible musicians, extraordinary vocalist, some very strong songs and some big hooks. What’s not to love!




Standout Tracks:


‘Life On Death Road’.

‘Hammered To The Cross (The Business)’.

‘Love Is The Remedy’.


‘Fire To The Sun’.

‘The Optomist’.

‘Man Of The 80s’.

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