New single ‘Hot Tin Roof’ from Brian Howe.


Brian Howe, most recognized for being the singer of Bad Company from 1986 to 1994 (and the voice behind my favorite album from the band, 1990’s ‘Holy Water‘), has just released his first single in many years, ‘Hot Tin Roof‘.

Howe has three solo albums under his belt, 1997’s ‘Tangled In Blue‘, 2003’s ‘Touch‘ and 2010’s ‘Circus Bar‘ and hopefully the fourth one is not far off for us.

I have not heard Brian sing since that 2010 record, but it is obvious by this new song that the man has lost nothing vocally and still sounds incredible!

Check out his new single below, it is a great tune and if any indication of what is to come then we have a lot to look forward to in my opinion.

Brian Howe – ‘Hot Tin Roof’ official lyric video.


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