New Robin Beck single, ‘On The Bright Side’.


New Robin Beck Single, ‘On The Bright Side’.



The lovely Robin Beck, the phenomenal voice behind the sensational 1989 album ‘Trouble Or Nothin’‘, is back once again with her first single from her 10th original studio album, ‘Love Is Coming‘, due out October 13th, 2017 from Frontiers Music srl.

Beck, most widely known to most for the song ‘First Time‘ that was used in a Coca Cola commercial in the late 80’s, has been a staple in melodic rock for almost 20 years now, consistently delivering to us some great music and, as always, some stellar vocals.

Also known to many as the wife of another melodic rock staple, James Christian of House Of Lords fame, Beck proves here that she has not lost much in the vocal department over the years and still has the chops to outsing any of the multi-million dollar selling crap singers that pervade our radios today.

Check out the new single here and stay tuned for a full album review, among many others that are LONG past due, coming very soon.

Robin Beck – ‘On The Bright Side’ audio video.


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