Kissin’ Dynamite – Generation Goodbye, Dynamite Nights 2017 album review. 5 star rating.


Kissin’ Dynamite

‘Generation Goodbye, Dynamite Nights’

2017 release from AFM Records.

Kissin’ Dynamite – ‘She Came She Saw’ live music video.

Kissin’ Dynamite feat. Jennifer Haben – ‘Masterpiece’ livemusic video.

Hannes Braun – Vocals, piano. Ande Braun – Guitar, backing vocals. Jim Müller – Guitar, backing vocals. Steffen Haile – Bass, backing vocals. Andreas Schnitzer –Drums. Nastassja Giulia – Backing Vocals. Tamara Olorga – Backing vocals.

Artist location: Germany.

5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.


  1. Intro.
  2. Generation Goodbye.
  3. Money, Sex And Power.
  4. DNA.
  5. Highlight Zone.
  6. Running Free.
  7. Love Me Hate Me.
  8. If Clocks Were Running Backwards.
  9. She’s A Killer.
  10. Deadly
  11. She Came She Saw.
  12. Somebody To Hate.
  13. Operation Supernova.


  1. Only The Good Die Young.
  2. Out In The Rain.
  3. Against The World.
  4. Masterpiece (Featuring Jennifer Haben of Beyond The Black).
  5. Supersonic Killer.
  6. Sex Is War.
  7. Hashtag Your Life.
  8. Steel Of Swabia.
  9. Ticket To Paradise.
  10. Six Feet Under.
  11. I Will Be King.
  12. Flying Colours.


  1. Entire Concert From Both Discs.
  2. The Crew Behind The Show.
  3. KD Goes Ukraine.
  4. Secret Scenes.

Kissin’ Dynamite first stepped onto the scene in 2009 with their debut record ‘Steel Of Swabia‘ (though they had formed a few years earlier in 2007) and immediately turned the heads of many melodic metal lovers with their in-your-face rock n’ roll and insanely catchy melodies.

The crazy thing is not how incredibly good their music was, but what the ages of the band members were when they signed a record deal.

Starting out these guys were a mere 15-16 years old yet were able to deliver musicianship that was well beyond their young ages and songs that, aside from a cheesy lyric here and there, you would never be able to guess were written by teenagers.

I have enjoyed every single one of their albums but when 2012 rolled around and their third album, ‘Money, Sex And Power‘, released I felt like the band had reached a new level. That record was followed up by the equally strong ‘Megalomania‘ in 2014 and the superb ‘Generation Goodbye‘ in 2016.

Fast forward ten years from when they formed and now five studio albums in this band has yet to release a single below par record and seems to not only deliver excellent music each go around but consistently one up their previous record with each new one released.

Now in honor of their 10 year anniversary these guys have released their very first live album.
And what a monster of an album it is!

25 tracks that captures the band’s career with a greatest hits, of sorts, collection that shows these guys at their very best.

Now one problem with live recordings today is that we never really know just how “live” and raw they really are and how much fixing has been done in the studio before releasing the album. After listening and viewing this album and DVD several times I can tell you that this album is as genuine a live record as you get these days and the band totally kicks ass throughout the entire show.
With them still being young it is very easy to buy the fact that they still sound this phenomenal live and whether it is track 1 or track 25, vocalist Hannes Braun and company sound just as excellent and just as invigorated on every track without ever losing any steam or passion throughout the entire show.

Being a live album, there is not a great deal to say about it as there is nothing new here songwise and most folks who purchase this record are already fans of the band, so let me just say, if for some reason you are on the fence about purchasing this record, then climb off and just go buy the damn thing because the truth is there has probably not been a better live release since Gotthard’sMade In Switzerland‘, which is, in my opinion, one of the best live albums ever.

Everything about this record just works. From the recording, to the performances, to the crowd and on to the song selection. Kissin’ Dynamite once again knocked one out of the park here and once again proves that they are a force to be reckoned with and are here to stay.

Bring on the next record I say!
Standouts really include every song on the record, but more to the point I would say ‘Deadly‘, one of my favorite songs from the band, as well as another favorite with ‘Hashtag Your Life‘. But the real standouts here would have to be the acoustic set in the middle which includes ‘Only The Good Die Young‘, ‘Out In The Rain‘, ‘Against The World‘ and ‘Masterpiece‘, all of which feature fantastic vocal deliveries from Hannes and proves what a great singer he really is as well as an accomplished pianist, not to mention the guitar work of his brother Ande.

On an aside, it was great to hear, and see, Jennifer Haben of Beyond The Black fame join the band on stage to lend her voice to ‘Masterpiece‘ just like on the record.

This is, without a doubt, one of, if not the, best live release I have seen in many years. Song selection, stage presence, performance by all involved, it is simply all just a staggering display of the sheer talent this band possesses.

From the vocals of Hannes, the guitar work of Müller and Braun to the rhythm sections of Haile and Schnitzer, Kissin’ Dynamite were hitting on all cylinders this show and they captured a wonderful night of rock n’ roll for us fans to enjoy.

I love these guys. I have since they released their first album, and they have only gotten better. Not only are they hell of musicians and writers but none of them have reached a point where they seem to be too big for their britches and many times throughout the show are seen just relishing the cheers and support of the audience and the fact that they are on stage and playing and I love that! I so like seeing a band that still enjoys and appreciates their fans and audiences and aren’t just up there going through the motions, and these guys obviously still love being on stage and playing these songs for their fans.

I typically do a standout tracks list at the end of each review but, as I said earlier, the truth is that every single song presented here is a standout as it really is a representation of their very best material, save a couple of songs I personally would have liked to have seen included. So aside from the aforementioned tracks, there are really none here that stand out above any others because every single one is simply superb!

Just get the album, that is all I can say.

Included with the album is a DVD which includes the entire show plus special features of,
The Crew Behind The Show‘, which is exactly what it sounds like, a short feature introducing the behind the scenes guys and showing a bit of what they do. I thought this was a great inclusion on the band’s part, to give these guys a shout out and a thank you for their hard work that so often gets swept aside and ignored but is actually an intricate part of a great live show.

KD Goes Ukraine‘ is an almost 10 minute video that is just various footage of the band’s journey from home to the Ukraine and back.

Secret Scenes‘ is a collection of footage that shows the band doing various things, acting goofy and just having a good time.

If you are a fan of the band or of an extremely well done live album then take my advice and go get this record. I really do not believe you will be disappointed.

Very highly recommended.



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