New single from Dion Bayman, ‘Rise And Fall’.




One of my absolute favorite indie artists, Dion Bayman, has just released a new single called ‘Rise And Fall‘ and it is yet another fantastic song like we have all come to expect from the pen of this talented man.

With two back to back albums of pop rock perfection, 2014’s ‘Afterburn‘ and 2016’s ‘Don’t Look Down‘, Dion sounds like he is set to continue on in the same strong vein of those records with what I can only hope is a new album on the near horizon.

With his relatable lyrics, clear vocals and usual catchy, sing-along melody, Bayman delivers another winner here that God willing will only be the first of many new songs coming our way.

Fans of the pop rock stylings of folks like Rick Springfield should check this man’s music out if you have not done so already. A terrific guy and a wonderful artist that never disappoints.

Dion Bayman – ‘Rise And Fall’ lyric video.

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