New single from H.E.A.T., ‘Redefined’.


New Single From H.E.A.T., ‘Redefined’.



One of the premiere Swedish modern melodic rock bands, H.E.A.T., have just released their second single from their upcoming record, ‘Into The Great Unknown‘ , due out September 22nd 2017.

As with so many of their fellow countrymen, H.E.A.T. seem to be able supply us with a neverending supply of superb music and, as always with this band, you are all in for a big treat with this new record.

Until the time you are also able to hear the entire album then enjoy this new track, ‘Redefined’, a slow building pop rocker with the excellent vocals of Erik Grönwall and incredible musicianship of the rest of the band, like we all expect from these talented guys.

Best part, these singles are not even the best songs of the record, in my opinion.

Here is a taste of what you are in for this September.

H.E.A.T. – ‘Redefined’ music video.

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