H.E.A.T. – Into The Great Unknown 2017 album review. 4.5 star rating.



‘Into The Great Unknown’


2017 release from Ear Music.


H.E.A.T. – ‘Eye Of The Storm’ music video.


Erik Grönwall – Vocals. Sky Davids – Guitar. Jimmy Jay – Bass. Jona Tee – Keyboards. Crash – Drums.


Artist location: Sweden.


4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Bastard Of Society.
  2. Redefined.
  3. Shit City.
  4. Time On Our Side.
  5. Best Of The Broken.
  6. Eye Of The Storm.
  7. Blind Leads The Blind.
  8. We Rule.
  9. Do You Want It?
  10. Into The Great Unknown.
  11. F.Y.I. Miley (Japanese bonus track).


One of the biggest and most well known melodic rock bands from Sweden has returned and, with album number five, H.E.A.T. has managed to give us a record that is both familiar and new at the same time.

Combining the big hooks, killer vocals and fantastic musicianship we have come to expect from this band with some modern, pop rock elements thrown into the melodic rock sound they are known for, H.E.A.T. has delivered another sure fire winner in my book.

First of all, Erik Grönwall has never sounded better and the songs presented here stand alongside some of the best that we have seen from the band, though, to be honest, this one took a little time to grow on me at some parts.

While most seem to have a preference when it comes to this band, I am a fan of both incarnations of H.E.A.T. The two albums with Kenny Leckremo are fantastic, and the two with Grönwall are wonderful as well and now ‘Into The Great Unknown‘ joins the ranks with those terrific records.

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews and comments on this album due to the rather pop rock nature it has rather than straight ahead melodic rock like the band’s other albums and, as with One Desire, this took me a bit to get into some of the tracks.

But get in to them I did, and I love it! And I think that if any of the naysayers would get past the pop rock elements and give the record a real chance then they would likely end up feeling the same as me, that this is a heck of a great album!

Bastard Of Society‘ is the lead off track and this one is a straight up hard rocker that kicks things into gear right out of the gate for us and leads us into one of the singles that was released early, ‘Redefined‘, another great, upbeat track that slowly builds from a more pop rock sound in the verses before reaching the early Bon Jovi-esque sounding chorus.

Shit City‘ is an interesting title and I was not sure what to expect from this song, but set aside any pre-conceived notions about it because what we have here is an excellent rock track that takes us to ‘Time On Our Side‘, a more mid-tempo track which leads into a catchy rocker with ‘Best Of The Broken‘, a standout for me.

The first of two ballads of the album, and one of my personal favorites, comes in next at track number 6. ‘Eye Of The Storm‘ is one of my favorite ballads from the band and one Hell of a performance by Erik.

Blind Leads The Blind‘ is another rock track, and one of the singles released early from the record, while ‘We Rule‘ is the second ballad of the album and, although it is a good track, it is not quite as strong as ‘Eye Of The Storm‘ in my opinion, and this song took the longest of any to grow on me.

Do You Want It?‘ is another upbeat pop-rock style song and another that took a bit to grow, but after a few spins I do quite enjoy it now.

The title track, ‘Into The Great Unknown‘, is a great rocking song that closes out the regular edition of the album in a good way.

If you are so inclined then there is a bonus track available on the Japanese import. ‘F.Y.I. Miley‘ is the track and it’s a short, fast head banger of a song which was worth the extra money for me.

I am not sure how, but H.E.A.T. keeps cranking out fantastic albums time and time again.

The bottom line here is that these guys really know how to write some excellent music and if you can accept the pop rock elements of this record that seem to be the main beef folks have with it, then you are in for a real treat because these Swedes knocked it out of the park once again and gave us a wonderful record that made it into my top 5 albums of 2017.

Very highly recommended!



Standout Tracks:


Bastard Of Society‘.

Shit City‘.


Best Of The Broken‘.

Eye Of The Storm‘.

FYI Miley‘.

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