RSO – Making History EP 2017 Album Review. 4 Star Rating.



‘Making History EP’



RSO – ‘Together On The Outside’ audio video.


2017 MP3 release.


Richie Sambora – Vocals, guitar.  Orianthi – Vocals, guitar.


Artist location: USA.


4 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Making History.
  2. We Are Magic.
  3. Walk With Me.
  4. Together On The Outside.
  5. I Don’t Want To Have To Need You.
  6. One Night Of Peace (Richie Sambora solo).



We knew going into RSO (the new project featuring Richie Sambora and  Orianthi) that we were in for something a little different.

And different it is.

If you are expecting anything remotely close to Bon Jovi or Sambora’s solo material here then you will be sorely disappointed because it sounds nothing like either, though the closest thing I could compare it to from his catalogue would perhaps be some tracks from his last solo album, 2012’s ‘Aftermath Of The Lowdown‘.

The duo released two EPs just weeks apart from each other and are planning to release a full length album in 2018.

After hearing the first EP, ‘Rise‘, I was less than excited about the second one, to say the least, but being such a big fan of all things Bon Jovi related then I still purchased the second one.

And I am glad I did as it is far better than ‘Rise‘ in my opinion.

I am, of course, a huge Richie Sambora fan, but, while I have always enjoyed Orianthi’s voice (and she is one Hell of a guitar player too), I have never gotten in to her solo music, so I really was not sure what to expect from these two.

Well what we have is a bit different for both artists

The EPs both features duets from the two, with both sharing vocals on most tracks and then both having a solo track each.

The title track, ‘Making History‘, is actually the first song I heard these two perform long before the EP’s dropped. It is an upbeat pop rocker that is pretty darn good.

We Are Magic‘ dips even further into pop rock territory while ‘Walk With Me‘ is an acoustic ballad.

Together On The Outside‘ is probably the strongest track of the record in my opinion (click on the link near the top of the page to hear it). Orianthi’s old boss, the legendary Alice Cooper, lends his voice a bit to this one. This is Orianthi’s song of the record, with Richie only providing back-up vocals.

I Don’t Want To Have To Need You‘ is Richie’s song and it is a decent enough upbeat track but I personally prefer ‘One Night Of Peace‘. This song is a Christmas inspired, left-over Sambora solo track that is a bonus track when purchased directly from the RSO  website.

It may not be what you are expecting but it is still a pretty good pop rock record.

Give it a try if you’ve a mind to, it may surprise you.


Standout Tracks:


Making History‘.

We Are Magic‘.

Together On The Outside‘.

One Night Of Peace‘.

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