Ammunition – Self Titled 2018 album review. 4.5 star rating.






Ammunition – ‘Freedom Finder’ music video.

Ammunition – ‘Wrecking Crew’ music video.

Ammunition – ‘Gung Ho (I Told You So)’ audio video.


2018 release from Frontiers Records, srl.


Age Sten Nilsen – Vocals. Erik Martesson – Guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals. Jon Peterssen – Guitars. Victor Cito Borge – Bass. Lasse Finbråten – Keyboards. Magnus Ulfstedt – Drums.


Artist location: Sweden. Norway.


4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Time.
  2. Freedom Finder.
  3. Virtual Reality Boy.
  4. Gung Ho (I Told You So).
  5. Eye For An Eye.
  6. Tear Your City Down.
  7. Caveman.
  8. Wrecking Crew.
  9. Miss Summertime.
  10. Bad Bones.
  11. Klondike.
  12. Eye For An Eye (Japanese bonus track).



I have been a huge fan of Age Sten Nilsen since I first heard Wig Wam’s  amazing song ‘In My Dreams‘ in 2005 and, following that, the rest of the album, ‘Hard To Be A Rock’n Roller‘, and heard that animated, terrific voice of his belting out those catchy as hell songs. I was hooked right away and I have followed his career closely since that day.

I am also, obviously, a huge fan of Erik Martensson, one of our genres premier writers and producers in my opinion, and a man who has been a part of some of the greatest albums melodic rock has seen in the past several years. Most everything the guy touches is gold, and his last album with his band Eclipse captured my number one spot for melodic rock album of the year for 2017.

The combination of these two amazing artists is an instant buy for me and joining Nilsen and Martensson on this journey are once again keyboardist Lasse Finbråten (Circus Maximus) and guitarist Jon Peterssen. A line-up change from the first album is present here as gone are bassist Hal Patino and drummer Robban Back and this time around we have Victor Cito Borge (ex-TNT) on bass and Eclipse drummer Magnus Ulfstedt behind the kit. Certainly a group of extremely talented musicians gathered here and one that almost guarantees an amazing record.

I am very excited that this album came to fruition as many of these supergroup style releases end up being one off albums and this follow-up to the fantastic 2015 album ‘Shanghaied‘ by Ammunition had a lot to live up to for me as I loved that debut album.

Like with most any album Age Sten Nilsen is involved with (save his solo material), it is a mix of melodic rock and glam. It is, like it’s predecessor, very much a Wig Wam sounding album but with some obvious influences from Erik Martensson while also managing to sound different, fresh and new.

Both Martensson and Nilsen’s influences can be heard on the album and they do a nice job of blending their styles into one terrific sound with track after track of great music that fans of the first album, or of Age’s work in general, should eat up.

You likely have heard at least one of the singles released from the record so far (if not then check the links near the top of the page to do so now) and therefore have a good idea of what you are in for with the album.

I will say that if you did not enjoy the first record, or did not enjoy any of the three tracks released early from the record, then you likely will not enjoy the album as it carries that same sound and style throughout the whole album.

However, if, like me, you loved the first album and each single from this one then buckle up and get ready for a hell of a fun ride through the minds of Nilsen and Martensson in a record that more than holds it’s own against the debut.

From the upbeat album opener of ‘Time‘, the Billy Squire-esque melody of ‘Freedom Finder‘, to the terrific chorus of ‘Tear Your City Down‘ to one of my favorites in ‘Bad Bones‘, this is a fun, high energy record that will have you tapping your fingers along on the steering wheel and singing along in no time.

With only two slower, mid tempo tracks, the excellent ‘Eye For An Eye‘ and the only track present that I personally don’t care for, ‘Miss Summertime‘, this is an superb album of great rock ‘n’ roll in my opinion and another big winner for me.

A terrific start to the new year, a year that is looking to be another big one for melodic rock fans!

Highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:


Freedom Finder‘.

Gung Ho (I Told You So)‘.

Eye For An Eye‘.

Tear Your City Down‘.

Wrecking Crew‘.

Bad Bones‘.






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