Tara’s Secret offering two albums for free download.



UK band Tara’s Secret released their first album, a demo set called ‘Spectrum Wheel‘, in 2004. The album opened some doors for them and the band sat back down and churned out another album, ‘Tomorrow The World‘ and released it in 2006. 

The response was fantastic and saw the band capture opening spots for bands such as Y&T and Dante Fox (Sue Willets would later lend her voice to the track ‘The Last To Know‘ on the next record).

Hitting the studio once more, the band released ‘Vertigo‘ in 2009. Again the reponse was great and saw the band opening for the likes of Danny Vaughn and Vega.

Tara’s Secret finally called it quits in 2010, leaving their albums hard to find, until now.

Kindly offering their two albums, ‘Tomorrow The World‘ (minus one track, ‘I Believe‘) and ‘Vertigo‘, both fully remastered, for free downloads through their ReverbNation page.

Follow the link below to get your copies.

Tara’s Secret downloads.



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