Issa – Run With The Pack 2018 album review. 4.5 stars rating.



‘Run With The Pack’





2018 release from Frontiers Music srl.


Issa – ‘Run With The Pack’ music video.


Issa – ‘Sacrifice Me’ music video.


Issa Overseen – Vocals. Simone Mularoni – Guitar. Andrea ToWer Torricini – Bass. Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards. Marco Di Salvia – Drums.


Artist location: Sweden.


4.5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Am I Losin’ You.
  2. Run With The Pack.
  3. Sacrifice Me (feat. Deen Castronovo).
  4. How Long.
  5. The Sound Of Yesterday.
  6. Come Back Again Now.
  7. Talk To Your Heart.
  8. Bittersweet.
  9. Closer To You.
  10. Irreplaceable.
  11. Everything To Me.
  12. Talk To Your Heart (acoustic bonus track).



Issa Overseen, better known simply as Issa, returns this year with album number five, and in my humble opinion, one of her best albums to date, not an easy feat when looking over her back catalogue.

A few changes came with this album, most notably the absence of the Martin brothers (Vega) who have been present for the past four records. This time around we have the one and only Alessandro Del Vecchio in place, lending his writing prowess, keyboards and production skills to the album, and he knocked it out of the park.

To be honest, when I heard that the Martins were not going to be on this album then, despite being a huge Del Vecchio fan, I was a bit worried about what the outcome may be as the majority of her other material is very strong and I was not sure how having a new writer may effect that. But upon hearing the record in full, multiple times now, then I am very happy to say that it stands splendidly alongside her other records and if you have enjoyed those then you should love this one! I sure do.

Joining Issa and Ale are Marco Di Salvia (Kee Of Hearts) on drums, Simone Mularoni (DGM) on guitar and Andrea ToWer Torricini (Vision Divine) on bass. All incredible musicians in their own right and the combination of these artists have delivered a smashing record.

And speaking of this young powerhouse, Issa has never sounded better! From the upbeat, catchy title track (my personal favorite) to the fantastic duet with Deen Castronovo (Revolution Saints), ‘Sacrifice Me’, (damn, that man can sing!), to some of the finest vocals of the album with the beautiful ‘The Sound Of Yesterday’, ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Everything To Me’, this girl nails it every time vocally. Just a fantastic singer that delivers some of her finest, most powerful vocals yet on this new record.

There is really not a throw away track present here, though there are certainly some songs that are much better than others (see my standout tracks list at the end of the review), and the record as a whole is a home run in my book.

We do not have enough female vocalists in this genre anymore but thankfully the few we have left are continuing to put out some fantastic music and Issa has proven more than once that she can stand alongside giants of the genre like Sue Willets and Robin Beck. I love hearing this lady sing.

Fans of the talented Issa or of Del Vecchio’s ever broadening catalogue of work should most definitely enjoy this one.

Highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:



Run With The Pack’.

Sacrifice Me’.

How Long’.

The Sound Of Yesterday’.

Come Back Again’.

Talk To Your Heart’.


Everything To Me’.

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