Kissin’ Dynamite – Ecstasy 2018 album review. 5 star rating.


Kissin’ Dynamite






2018 release from Metal Blade Records.


Kissin’ Dynamite – ‘I’ve Got The Fire’ music video.


Kissin’ Dynamite – ‘Ecstasy’ audio video.


Kissin’ Dynamite – ‘You’re Not Alone’ music video.


Hannes Braun – Vocals. Andre Braun – Guitar. Jim Muller – Guitar. Stefan Haile – Bass. Andi Schnitzer – Drums. Anna Brunner Vocals, track 4.


Artist location: Germany.


5 out of 5 stars rating.


Reviewed by David.


  1. I’ve Got The Fire.
  2. You’re Not Alone.
  3. Somebody’s Gotta Do It.
  4. Ecstasy (featuring Anna Brunner).
  5. Still Around.
  6. Superhuman.
  7. Placebo.
  8. Breaking The Silence.
  9. Waging War.
  10. One More Time.
  11. Heart Of Stone.
  12. Wild Wind (bonus track).
  13. No Time To Wonder (bonus track).




Seldom does a band continue to impress me as much as these guys do. Kissin’ Dynamite are one of the most energetic, exciting and consistent bands out there, period. These guys have continually been releasing great albums every two years since their debut, ‘Steel Of Swabia’, in 2008, and only seem to get better and better with each new record.

2016’s ‘Generation Goodbye’ marked their 5th studio album and their strongest release up to that point. In 2017 they released ‘Generation Goodbye – Dynamite Nights’, their first live record and, in my opinion, one of the best live albums in recent memory.

Now, with a seemingly never-ending supply of catchy as hell melodies floating around in their heads just waiting to be released, these German rockers are back with studio album number 6 and all I can say is, WOW! These guys are incredible!!

Ecstasy’ is a one-two punch of balls to the wall rock n’ roll from a band that has most definitely hit their stride and seem to be able to release simply stellar records with ease.

I’ve Got The Fire’ is the first track of the album and was the lead-off single and it is everything that you know and love about this band. A very catchy song that kicks the record off in a great way. I just love this one. Check out the music video for it using the link near the top of the page.

You’re Not Alone’ is one of the best tracks of the record in my opinion. A terrific rocker with a smashing chorus. You can find a link to the music video near the top of the page.

Somebody’s Gotta Do It’ is a very catchy, hard rocking number that leads into the title track.

According to a recent interview that frontman Hannes Braun did with, Hannes met Anna Brunner while producing the all female metal band Exit Eden’s 2017 debut record ‘Rhapsodies In Black’ of which Anna is a member. Hannes said he was impressed by her voice and thought they would sound good together so he asked her to sing with him on the ‘Ecstasy’. Well he was right, Brunner’s raspy, metal-like voice mixes superbly with Braun’s and together they deliver a hard rocking, head banging track.

Still Around’ is one of the obligatory ballads, not that I mind that as I am a ballad lover and these guys sure know how to write a good one. A lovely, mid-tempo power ballad with a great chorus.

The next five tracks, ‘Superhuman’, ‘Placebo’, ‘Breaking The Silence’, ‘Waging War’ and ‘One More Time’, are all very strong rockers that keep the pace going for us without ever letting up, all leading up to the second, and final, ballad of the album. ‘Heart Of Stone’ is a great, low key ballad with an excellent vocal from Hannes.

The two bonus tracks, ‘Wild Wind’ and ‘No Time To Wonder’, end the album with two more excellent rockers.

Another Kissin’ Dynamite is rounded out by thirteen perfect tracks that showcase just what this band is capable of. The talent in this band is astounding and they deliver again and again, never letting me down or releasing anything that could be considered filler or sub-par. They are, simply put, amazing!

Everything we have come to expect from this band is present here. Terrific vocals, awesome guitar work, killer rhythm section and some seriously excellent songs that will have your head banging in no time. I am not sure how the band continually outdoes themselves every single time, but they do it time and time again and they have, once again, proved that they are some serious heavy hitters in the melodic hard rock arena and if you want to compete with the talent coming from these young men then you are going to have to step up and bring your A game!

I was not running this site at the time, but I remember back in 2008 when ‘Steel Of Swabia’ came out how stunned I was by the sheer talent that these young teenagers (all were around 14-15 years of age at the time I believe) possessed, in that sense they reminded me a lot of Bad 4 Good. I recall telling a friend that this was going to be a band to watch and sure enough, now 10 years after their debut released Kissin’ Dynamite are one of the absolute best hard rock bands out there, period!

If you are a fan of the band or of just some great, kick ass melodic hard rock in general, then just go get this record right now!

You will not regret it.

Highest of recommendations!





Standout Tracks:



I’ve Got The Fire’.

You’re Not Alone’.

Somebody’s Gotta Do It’.

Still Around’.


Waging War’.

No Time To Wonder’.


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