Odyssey Desperado – Don’t Miss The Sunset 2018 album review.


Odyssey Desperado

‘Don’t Miss The Sunset’

2018 release from Lions Pride Music.

Odyssey Desperado – ‘Rush Of The Wave’ lyric video.

Odyssey Desperado – ‘Can’t Live Without You’ lyric video.

Odyssey Desperado – ‘Holding Onto A Dream’ audio video.

Manos Fatsis – Vocals. Odysseas Karapolitis – Lead and rhythm guitars. Bob Katsionis – Bass, keyboards, programming, backing vocals. Paul Laine – Backing vocals.

Artist location: Athens, Greece. Canada (Laine).

4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Rush Of The Wave.
  2. You And Me Against The World.
  3. Cruisin’.
  4. Dreams Die Hard.
  5. Can’t Live Without You.
  6. Oasis (In The Desert Of Your Soul).
  7. Holding On To A Dream.
  8. Fragile.
  9. Tomorrow You’ll Be Gone.
  10. Wings Of Silk.

You may not be familiar with the name Odysseas Karapolitis yet, but this Greek guitarist has just made his mark on the melodic rock world with the new album ‘Don’t Miss The Sunset’ and it is a name you will likely remember from now on if you are a fan of the late 80’s, early 90’s keys driven melodic rock/AOR scene.

This is an album that came out of the blue for me and honestly, before I received the album and the press kit from the record label back around March of 2018, I knew nothing about it save the band name, Odyssey Desperado. While I most certainly do not claim anything as ridiculous as knowing every release that is coming out, it was a bit surprising to me that this one had somehow slipped under my radar as one of my favorite artists was involved, Paul Laine.

As I read the press release and saw Paul’s name attached along with that of Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud, Serious Black, who also handles production duties here) then I could not get to the album quickly enough.

I was not familiar with vocalist Manos Fatsis (Devilusion, ex-Dark Nova) or of Karapolitis (the man behind the whole record) but if he had managed to get two talents like Laine and Katsionis involved then I was pretty confident in both his writing and of Fatsis’s vocals.

And I was not disappointed in the least!

This project started in 2014 when Odysseas decided that he wanted to share his music with the world and finally, four years later, we get a near perfect melodic rock gem!

From the upbeat album opener ‘Rush Of The Wave’, to the terrific power ballad ‘Can’t Live Without You’ to one of my favorite rockers of the album, ‘Holding On To A Dream’, to the final track (and my favorite song of the entire album), the excellent ballad ‘Wings Of Silk’, which is likely the best vocal delivery of the album, ‘Don’t Miss The Sunset’ is one hell of a great ride and a fantastic throwback record that sounds like it came straight from the late 80’s/early 90’s melodic rock world!

The guitars are excellent, the keys are prominent but never overdone, the songwriting is top notch and the vocals are wonderful and Manos’s voice even holds a passing resemblance to the aforementioned Laine at times.

Speaking of Paul, having him singing backing vocals was a terrific move because his voice mixes extremely well with Manos’s, and you can never go wrong having Laine involved in your record.

While Laine and Katsionis are excellent here, they are names that most of us already know and love and expect nothing less from. It is Manos Fatsis and Odysseas Karapolitis that are the real standouts on this record. I am not sure where these two men have been with talent like this but I can assure you that these are two names that I will not forget after hearing this debut and I can only hope that Karapolitis has more of these gems in him and we see a second record from these guys in the not-too-distant future!

There is honestly not much at all that I can find wrong with this album and it is a near perfect addition to my, or any melodic rock lover’s, music library.

Superb job by all involved!

For all of those that I see complaining that so much of what comes out in melodic rock these days sounds the same then here is a melodic rock record for you, and for every other lover of melodic rock!

Highly recommended!

Standout Tracks:

Dreams Die Hard’.

Can’t Live Without You’.

Oasis (In The Desert Of Your Soul)’.


Wings Of Silk’.

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