New rating system.

New Rating System.

After some thought and discussion and always striving to make this site better, we have decided to change up our rating system here at Melodic Music Reviews. The five star system, which has been used since starting the site, just does not give us enough leeway to really rate the albums correctly and do justice to them and so with that in mind we have decided that moving forward we will be implementing the 100 point rating system from this point on.

That system will go like this.

60-69: Average.

Good album but not great. Some good moments but nothing really outstanding present.

70-79: Above Average.

There is some great material to be found on the album but there is some filler present as well.

80-89: Very Strong.

Very strong record with some superb material. Not an instant classic but highly recommend.

90-99: Excellent.

Not quite perfect but damn near close to it.

Not to be missed.

100: Perfect in every way.

Pretty much says it all. The album is hitting on all cylinders and gets nothing wrong in our eyes.

We hope this will help to make our review ratings a bit clearer for you.

As always, your feedback is welcome so please let us know what you think of the new system.

Thank you, as always, for following us and taking the time to read our thoughts on this incredible music!



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