Vixen – Live Fire 2018 album review.



‘Live Fire’






2018 release from Rat Pak Records.


Janet Gardner – Vocals, guitar. Britt Lightning – Guitar, vocals. Share Ross – Bass, vocals, lead vocals on track 8. Roxy Petrucci – Drums, vocals.


Artist location: USA.


Rating: 93 out of 100.


Reviewed by David.


  1. Rev It Up.
  2. How Much Love.
  3. One Night Alone.
  4. Cryin’.
  5. Meet The Band.
  6. Rock Me.
  7. Streets In Paradise.
  8. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Humble Pie cover, Share Ross vocals).
  9. Love Is A Killer.
  10. Love Made Me.
  11. Big Brother (Previously unreleased track).
  12. Edge Of A Broken Heart.
  13. You Ought To Know By Now (new studio recording).
  14. Edge Of A Broken Heart (new studio acoustic recording).



While melodic rock is no stranger to having amazing female fronted rock acts grace our ears with bands such as Dante Fox, Femme Fatale, Saraya, Phantom Blue, Laos and Witness to solo acts like Lita Ford, Aina, Lee Aaron, Robin Beck and Issa (among others) that we can boast of having in our genre, there have just never been enough of them in the genre in my opinion. Vixen is one of the better known female fronted groups we have, and though they have only four studio albums to their name, they have always been one of my favorites.

The first song, and video, I ever heard/saw from Vixen was the Richard Marx/Fee Waybill penned ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’ taken from the band’s 1988 eponymous debut and upon hearing it I immediately fell in love with the sound of the band and the voice of Janet Gardner. I grabbed that debut album and have collected everything they have released since that day.

Sadly we lost a true talent a few years ago in 2013 when original Vixen guitarist was taken from us after battling cancer. This is the first album the band has released since her passing and I know it had to be difficult for the band to continue without her, but the other ladies have stepped up and carried on the torch and pay tribute to her each night on stage.

First I just have to say how phenomenal these ladies still sound! Share Ross, Roxy Petrucci and new (to the band) guitarist Britt Lightning all do an amazing job and Janet’s vocals are still sublime! When hearing this record and how phenomenal the band still sounds it is hard to believe that this was released in 2018 (though recorded in 2017 in Chicago) while some of these songs are 30 years old yet still sound as great now as they did when they recorded them back then.

Pretty much a live greatest hits record, this has most all of the songs that most fans would want to hear in a live show. From the high energy opener of ‘Rev It Up’ to the Share Ross led cover of Humble Pie’s I Don’t Need No Doctor’ to my favorite song from the band with the fantastic ‘Love Is A Killer’, this is a non-stop ride of amazing songs performed by a group of incredible artists.

Also included is a live version of a previously unreleased track in ‘Big Brother’ and two newly re-recorded tracks with ‘You Ought To Know By Now’ and an acoustic version of ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’.

I have never had the privilege of seeing this band live before and I am typically not a huge fan of live records from bands I have never seen, but with the combination of their songs and how phenomenal the girls sound, I can’t help but love this one and can only hope that I will still get the chance to see them at some point.

I do wish that they had recorded a DVD of the show and released it with the album, but that is my only complaint with the whole album. The songs are still as fantastic as they have always been. The band still sounds astonishingly great and the production is pretty damn good for a live recording.

If you like the band, live records or female fronted, kick ass rock n’ roll then this is an album for you!

Highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:


Rev It Up’.

How Much Love’.


I Don’t Need No Doctor’.

Love Is A Killer’.

Edge Of A Broken Heart’.



Buy the album:



Amazon, USA.

Amazon, UK.




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