Big Guns – Re-Loaded 2018 album review.

BIG GUNS - Re-Loaded - front

Big Guns


2018 independent release.

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Big Guns Facebook page.

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Big Guns – ‘Re-Loaded’ album, iTunes.

Big Guns – ‘Re-Loaded’ album, Amazon, USA.

Big Guns – ‘Re-Loaded’ album, Amazon, UK.


Big Guns – ‘End Of Time’ audio video.

The Band:

Kevin Davis – Vocals. Frank Pallett – Guitar, vocals. Joe Vasallo – Guitar, backing vocals. Kerry Bowden – Bass, vocals. John O’Shea – Drums.

Artist location:

New York, USA.

Track listing:

  1. Take You Down Alive.
  2. Inside Your Dreams.
  3. Life Goes On (featuring Rachel Lorin).
  4. Addiction.
  5. Sweet Jesus.
  6. End Of Time.
  7. Invincible.
  8. Dysfunctional.
  9. House Of Pain.
  10. Don’t Kick Me.


While this genre of ours is small as a whole, a lot of attention is given to the big name releases and releases from the bigger record labels while smaller record labels and independent releases often go relatively unnoticed. This is obviously true in any genre, but it is a much sadder fact in melodic rock because it is such a small genre to begin with that it is a real crime that some of the bands and artists do not even reach all of the fans of this music.

One of these that released with little fanfare is US based rockers Big Guns (not to be confused with the UK band by the same name) and their record ‘Re-Loaded’.

Big Guns are a New York based band that was started by five friends. Honestly, I know next to nothing about the band itself but what I do know is that this album is fantastic and that fans of some good hard rock need to take notice of it!

With a mix in sound consisting of bands such as Dokken and Blonz and Big Guns own sound, the whole album is a great throwback to when this kind of music ruled the radio waves.

This is one that came out of nowhere for me, an likely most of you as well. As an indy release there was really no promotion out there to speak of and I received no press kit for the album which is a shame because it should be touted alongside the big name releases of the year, that is how strong the record is!

From the opening notes of ‘Take You Down Alive’ and ‘Inside Your Dreams’ to the fantastic duet ‘Life Goes On’, which is one of my favorites from the record and features a guest appearance by the superb Rachel Lorin who does an outstanding job here as usual, to one of my favorite songs of the record in ‘End Of Time’ (I get a very strong Dokken vibe from the guitar and chorus of this one and I absolutely love it!), this record is fantastic, start to finish and deserves to be heard.

If you enjoy bands like Dokken and the hard rock of the late 80’s and early 90’s then do yourself a favor and check these guys out and then go and help to support these independent bands like this by buying this excellent album!

Highly recommended.

Rating: 91 out of 100.

Standout Tracks:

Take You Down Alive’.

Inside Your Dreams’.

Life Goes On’.

Sweet Jesus’.

End Of Time’.

House Of Pain’.

Reviewed by David.


    1. Gerald, thanks for checking out my site. Absolutely, go order the record! Incredible album. It is a shame it did not get a bigger release. Glad you like what you have heard. You won’t be disappointed in the rest of the album.



  1. This is exactly why I love your site, finding new and unknown music through your reviews. This sounds great. Off to order my copy.


    1. Thank you so much, Giancarlo! That is exactly why I do this, to try and introduce and shed a light on these bands that deserve to be heard. You will enjoy this album! Superb!

      Thank you for reading my ramblings, I appreciate your support.



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