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2018 release from AFM Records.



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Dynazty – ‘Breathe With Me’ audio video.


Dynazty – ‘The Grey’ music video.


Dynazty – ‘Firesign’ lyric video.



The band:



Nils Molin – Vocals. Love Magnusson – Guitar. Mikael Laver – Guitar. Jonathan Olsson – Bass. Georg Egg – Drums.



Artist location:





Track listing:


  1. Breathe With Me.
  2. The Grey.
  3. In The Arms Of A Devil.
  4. My Darkest Hour.
  5. Ascension.
  6. Firesign.
  7. Closing Door.
  8. Follow Me.
  9. Let Me Dream Forever.
  10. Starfall.
  11. The Light Inside The Tunnel.








My love for Swedish rockers Dynazty started from the very first time I heard the opening chords of ‘Bring The Thunder’ off of their 2009 debut album by the same title. I am such a huge fan of these guys and as much as I like that debut, my love for this band has only grown more and more with each release as they just get better and better each time around.

The debut was very good and the sophomore release, 2011’s ‘Knock You Down’, was another great effort and both of these albums spawned some terrific songs that I love to this day, but when 2012 rolled around the band released ‘Sultans Of Sin’ and with songs such as ‘Land Of Broken Dreams’, ‘Falling’ and ‘Bastards Of Rock n Roll’ it was clearly evident to me that the guys had reached a whole new level with their music. They successfully infused a melodic pop rock sound with melodic metal and created a superb sound.

Then came 2014 and with it came an absolute monster of an album that saw the band taking a different direction with their music, leaving behind the melodic metal-meets-pop sound, the guys turned to a full-on, in-your-face, double bass drum thumping melodic metal sound and left us with the simply astounding ‘Renatus’, an album that really showed just what incredible musicians and writers these guys are and really showcased the phenomenal vocals of Molin.

The band returned in 2016 and showed us that they were fully capable of outdoing themselves every go around when they released what I personally consider to be a metal masterpiece with ‘Titanic Mass’. What an amazing record it is and it, along with the bands full catalogue, still see play regularly in my house.

Now here we are in 2018 with the year-end looming ever closer and Nils Molin, Love Magnusson, Mikael Laver, Jonathan Olsson and Georg Egg have just delivered ‘Firesign’ and all I can say is holy shit!! This is one Hell of an album that needs to be heard by all!

As if following up ‘Sultans Of Sin’, ‘Renatus’ and ‘Titanic Mass’ was not challenging enough, the guys took the challenge and gave it a big F U by not only following those records up but, I dare say, topping them with the beast that is ‘Firesign’.

Musically it falls in line with what we know from the band already.

Breathe With Me’ was the first single released from the album and it is a fast paced rocker with a chorus that will have you singing along in no time. This song is a nice marriage of sounds from the band with the harder edge of their past two records combined with the more pop sensibilities of ‘Sultans Of Sin’. Terrific track to start the album off for us. You can hear it by clicking on the appropriate link near the top of the page under the Media heading.

The Grey’, the second single, is just an absolute monster of a track with one kick ass melody and some fantastic guitar work from Magnusson and Laver. Easily one of my favorites from the album. You can see the music video for it by clicking on the appropriate link under the Media heading as well.

The band keeps things going strong as we are lead straight into ‘In The Arms Of A Devil’, a hard and heavy track with a killer hook that takes us into ‘My Darkest Hour’. This is a sensational rocker that may just be the band’s catchiest tune on the album. I absolutely love it!

Ascension’ is a scorching rocker and is one of the best tracks here while the title track, ‘Firesign’ (the third and final single released) is a fantastic, upbeat track. You can find the link to hear it under the Media heading.

Closing Doors’ is an upbeat gem of a song with a catchy melody that leads into ‘Follow Me’, a fast paced, head banger.

Just looking at the title you may think you are in for a ballad with ‘Let Me Dream Forever’, but that is most certainly not the case as the song starts with an in-your-face melody that simply kicks ass and gives us a catchy-as-hell chorus.

Starfall’ is a fantastic rocker that sounds like it belongs alongside the songs on ‘Renatus’ and it brings us to the final track of the album in ‘The Light Inside The Tunnel’. The song starts with a keyboard intro that somewhat belies the rocking nature of the song you are about to hear. Drums and guitar join in with the keys about 35 seconds in and a little over a minute the songs hits a breakdown and Nils comes in and we are given an epic style track with a killer vocal from Molin.

I hear a lot of ‘Renatus’ in this album, which is not a bad thing by any means as I absolutely love that record, but ‘Titanic Mass’, ‘Sultans Of Sin’, ‘Knock You Down’ and ‘Bring The Thunder’ are all represented here along with new, fresh sounds like the band always delivers with each new record.

I really cannot say enough good about this album and this band period. These guys are simply amazing artists who never sound anything less than stellar on everything they do. Production is as high as you can get and sounds immaculate and as far as I am concerned, there is not a better vocalist in metal out there than Nils Molin.

If you enjoy any of the band’s previous albums or just want melodic metal done right then look no further. An album where every song could be a single and there is not a single dud to be found lurking anywhere close to this record.

For my money there is absolutely no one better than Dynazty in the melodic metal scene right now! This band continually ups the ante with every release and never fails to impress.

The highest of recommendations.



Rating: 100 out of 100.



Standout Tracks:


The Grey’.

In The Arms Of A Devil’.

My Darkest Hour’.





Reviewed by David.

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