Midnite City – There Goes The Neighbourhood 2018 album review.


Midnite City

‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’








2018 release from AOR Heaven. (out on October, 19th, 2018).




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Midnite City – ‘Give Me Love’ music video.



The band:



Rob Wylde – Vocals. Miles Meakin – Guitar. Josh “Tabbie” Williams – Bass, backing vocals. Shawn Charvette – Keyboards, backing vocals. Pete Newdeck – Drums, backing vocals.



Artist location:


Nottingham, United Kingdom.



Track listing:


  1. There Goes The Neighbourhood.
  2. Give Me Love.
  3. You Don’t Understand Me.
  4. Life Ain’t Like This On The Radio.
  5. We’re Gonna Make It.
  6. Tonight You’re All I Need.
  7. Hard To Get Over.
  8. Takes One To Know One.
  9. Heaven’s Falling.
  10. Gave Up Giving Up.
  11. Until The End.






A mere year after releasing their eponymous debut album in 2017, one of the UKs premier new bands is back with their sophomore release in the same classic hair band sound that pervaded their first album.

Anytime I hear a record in this style these days I always feel like the band is not taking things too seriously and is simply having a blast. And that shows in the music here as it did in their debut.

While the band itself may be newer, it is made up of artists that should be no stranger to most any lover of melodic rock. Tigertailz frontman Rob Wylde is the man behind this band as he has taken on the writing and both times around now he has done a tremendous job. His vocals are superb and his writing has just gotten better and better.

One look at the names of the rest of the band and it is no surprise that this band is putting out such great music. Miles Meakin, Josh “Tabbie” Williams, Shawn Charvette and the great Pete Newdeck (Eden’s Curse, Newman, Blood Red Saints) are all here and they sound phenomenal! Such a talented group of artists joined together.

I love the first Midnite City album. It is exactly the kind of record that I love to hear, one that sounds like it stepped right out of 1987 and fell into my lap today. But when I heard that the band already had a new album coming out so quickly then I will admit that I was a little worried that they may have rushed things a little to get a new record out, so when I opened my email and saw a new one from the record label containing the press kit for their new album then I went in with a little trepidation, not really sure what to expect.

Well as soon as this record started it immediately transported me back in time. It is pure, unadulterated, bang your head, whip out your air guitar, windows down, drum the steering wheel F.U.N!

A one-two punch of great rock n’ roll, catchy as hell melodies and lyrics that have just enough cheesiness to make you think you are hearing Def Leppard or Danger Danger again for the first time all those years ago is exactly what this album is. And it is awesome!

Things get started for us with the fantastic ‘There Goes The Neighbourhood’ and the fun ‘Give Me Love (you can see the music video for the latter one by clicking on the link under the Media heading near the top of the page), two of the best songs of the record and just an absolute blast to listen to.

In an odd turn for me, as a big lover of ballads, I personally find ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ to be the weak link here. The ballad is good, don’t get me wrong, I just found myself wanting them to go somewhere new with the chorus, like throwing in some high notes, or a key change or something just to change the chorus up some at the end. Still, it is not a bad song and it is not a big enough issue for me to really take much off of the rating because of it.

Thankfully we get right back to the good times rock n’ roll with ‘Life Ain’t Like This On The Radio’ and it gets even better with the rocking ‘We’re Gonna Make It’ before slowing down ever so slightly with the terrific ‘Tonight You’re All I Need’.

Coming in at track seven is one of the best songs of the record in ‘Hard To Get Over’. This is just a great song with a sound that really brought to my mind Swedish melodic rockers Cruzh. It is one that will have you singing along in no time and it leads into another highlight for me with the kick ass ‘Takes One To Know One’.

Heaven’s Falling’ is the second ballad and I am glad to say it is much better than the first one, in my opinion. It leads to the hard rocking ‘Gave Up Giving Up’ which takes us to the final track of the record with the upbeat ‘Until The End’, ending things on a high note for us and bringing to completion an absolute good times rock album.

Like with the first album, there is nothing new here musically. The songs are rather predictable as are the lyrics, which sometimes border on cheesy, just like hair metal is supposed to! This is not a band that is trying to reinvent the wheel with their music. All it takes is one listen to their music or one view of their music videos and you know that these guys do not take themselves too seriously here. And I do not mean that negatively in the least. This band is here to have a good time, to play rock n’ roll and to pay tribute to, what I consider to be, the greatest era of music ever, the 1980s. And boy do they ever achieve that in spades!

If you didn’t like the hair bands of days long past or enjoy that kind of throwback music now than pass on this one.

But, if you are like me, and there is nothing more exciting than popping a brand new album into the player and being transported back to your childhood and youthful days of abandon when rock n’ roll ruled the radio waves, than pick this one up right away because this band has that sound down pat and they excel on every level with it.

I liked the first album very much but, to me, this one steps it all up from that debut. The songs are better, the band sounds tighter, production is better and the whole sound of the album is just fuller. There is not much about it I dislike but there is a whole hell of a lot that I love about it.

Give this one a chance, you won’t be disappointed.

Very highly recommended!



Rating: 96 out of 100.



Standout Tracks:


There Goes The Neighbourhood’.

Give Me Love’.

Life Ain’t Like This On The Radio’.

We’re Gonna Make It’.

Hard To Get Over’.

Takes One To Know One’.

Gave Up Giving Up’.


Reviewed by David.

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