Dallas – Self Titled 2018 album review.



“Self Titled”






2018 release from Independent/AOR Boulevard Records and AnderStein Music (Japanese release).




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AOR BLVD Records store.


AnderStein Music store (Japanese edition).


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Dallas – ‘Bring The Light’ music video.


Dallas – ‘Close My Eyes’ audio video.



The band:



Bryan Dallas – Vocals, all instruments. Zac Curtis – Drums (tracks 2,4,6)



Artist location:


San Francisco, California, USA.



Track Listing:


  1. Rock N Roll Never Dies.
  2. This Love.
  3. Rock You Like A Bomb.
  4. Bring The Light.
  5. Rip It Up.
  6. Close My Eyes.
  7. Lay It All On The Line.
  8. Miles Away.
  9. I Wanna Buy You A Star.
  10. Open Your Heart.
  11. Over Now.
  12. Don’t Ever Stop.
  13. Miles Away (Neon Blue Mix).
  14. Heaven Down (Japanese bonus track).
  15. Forever (Japanese bonus track).
  16. Rock Ain’t Dead (Japanese bonus track).
  17. Feel The Music (Japanese bonus track).







The year was 2012 and somehow, to be honest I cannot even remember how at this point, I caught wind of a digital EP called ‘Over The Edge’ by a young man by the name of Bryan Dallas that was supposed to be pretty good. I found a copy and gave it a listen and was instantly captured by this guy. The voice was out of this world and the songs were classic sounding while at the same time sounding fresh and, above all else, those songs were absolutely catchy as hell!

Well, time went by and I never heard anything else about the man and eventually, as new albums kept releasing and vying for my attention, I shelved the EP and I eventually all but forgot about it as time marched on.

Fast forward to 2018. I caught wind of a new album coming out under the title ‘Dallas’. Upon reading about it I saw the name Bryan Dallas attached to it and somewhere in the back of my mind that name rang a bell. After a little thinking I recalled that EP and went and took it off the shelf and gave it another spin and was instantly reminded of what a powerhouse this guy was and how much I had loved that EP.

I played that EP many, many times once again, loving every second of it and counting down the days until the new record released.

Now I was excited!

This young artist was finally back and I simply could not wait to get the new album in my hands and see what he was delivering to us after all these years, only praying it was close to as strong as his EP had been.

Well let me tell you, I was not disappointed in the least!

With a voice that will blow you out of the water, a collection of songs that will have you singing along, fantastic production and some superb musicianship, this is an album that is not to be missed!

And I freaking LOVE it!

Rock N Roll Never Dies’ gets this thing started with one hell of a great Def Leppard meets Danger Danger head banger of a rocker that REALLY showcases this young man’s incredible voice and outrageous range. Absolutely one of THE best songs of the year for me. I cannot get enough of this catchy tune and my god what a voice! Just one awesome track! And did I mention that this dude can sing?!

This Love’ is the first of four tracks on this record that were featured on Bryan’s EP. This one trades in the hair metal sound of the first track for a heavy pop rocker that really delivers and leads into ‘Rock You Like A Bomb’ which has a pretty strong Reckless Love vibe to it. Another rather heavy pop rocker.

Bring The Light’ is the second song of the record that was on the EP. You can see the music video for it by clicking on the appropriate link under the Media heading near the top of the page. Another song that reminds me quite a bit of Reckless Love. A catchy rocker that takes us to ‘Rip It Up’. This is the first song of the album that did not grab me instantly, not because it is a bad song but because it has some modern, dance like effects in it that are not really my cup of tea. However after a few listens I have found that I simply cannot help but love the song. Absolutely infectious!

Close My Eyes’ is another song that was on the EP and I fell in love this with this power ballad back when that EP released and I still love it just as much today. A terrific song with an absolutely fantastic chorus and some amazing vocals from Bryan.

Lay It All On The Line’ is another upbeat track while ‘Miles Away’ is a great rocker and a definite standout of the album for me that has hit single written all over it.

I Wanna Buy You A Star’ is a fun, modern rock song and ‘Open Your Heart’ is the last of the four tracks here that was on the EP and it is again, a fantastic song. A more mid-tempoed rocker that takes us to the short and sweet, face paved rocker ‘Over Now’ which, in turn, leads into ‘Don’t Ever Stop’, an upbeat song with a great, sing-a-long style chorus.

Miles Away (Neon Blue Mix)’ is, as you have probably guessed, a remixed version of ‘Miles Away’. I am not a fan of remixes but this one was done very well and, while I don’t like it as much as the original version, it is still a great song.

The Japanese import edition contains an additional four tracks on it but unfortunately finances did not allow me to get a copy quickly enough and they have sold out so I cannot give you any feedback on those extra tracks but, if they are anything like what is contained on the rest of the album than by all means get this edition if you find it anywhere as they promised to be sure-fire winners as well.

This album is a terrific marriage in sounds of the old and the new. Mixing the classic hair metal style of songs like ‘Rock N Roll Never Dies’ with the modern sounds of songs like ‘Rip It Up‘ and combines them into one killer sound and delivers one hell of an amazing debut.

Without a doubt this is one of the catchiest collections of songs that I have heard this year.

This is one talented guy. A multi-instrumentalist, superb vocalist and incredibly great song writer, this is an artist who will be a household name among melodic rock fans the world over after this album and I cannot wait to hear what he has in store for us next.

The Japanese version of the album has already sold out so I would highly recommend you getting your copy of the album as soon as possible before it is gone as well.

Fans of hair metal, Def Leppard, Danger Danger, Crashdiet and Reckless Love should take notice of this one.

Very highly recommended.



Standout Tracks:



Rock N Roll Never Dies’.

This Love’.

Rock You Like A Bomb’.

Rip It Up’.

Close My Eyes’.

Miles Away’.



Rating: 96 out of 100.



Reviewed by David.


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