DeVicious – Reflections 2019 album review.







2019 release from Metalopolis Records (out on March 1st, 2019).



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DeVicious – ‘Long Way Home’ audio video.


DeVicious – ‘Never Let You Go’ featuring Age Sten Nilsen, music video.



The band:



Zoran Sandorov (aka Mister Sanders) – Vocals. Radivoj Petrovic – Guitar. Alex Frey – Bass. Dennis Kunz – Keyboards. Lars Nipps – Drums. Age Sten Nilsen – Guest vocals, track 2.



Artist location:


Karlsruhe, Germany.



Track listing:


  1. Long Way Home.
  2. Never Let You Go (featuring Age Sten Nilsen).
  3. Understand.
  4. Desire.
  5. Hungarian Girl.
  6. Flying.
  7. Saturday Night.
  8. We’re Dying.
  9. Run Together.
  10. Feel The Heat.
  11. Manhattan Memories (bonus track).
  12. Never Let You Go (radio version, bonus track).






Mere months after the release of their debut album, ‘Never Say Never’ (August 2018), international rockers DeVicious are set to return with their sophomore album, ‘Reflections’.

How many of us can attest to liking a debut record only to have the second album rushed to be put out and it be a major disappointment?

The sophomore jinx it has been called.

This was my fear with ‘Reflections’. After all, the usual allotted amount of acceptable time between records is around two years and this one was coming out only a few months after their debut!

I received the press kit and sat down to have a listen to the new album with a mix of excitement and trepidation, though I was sure I was going to be disappointed simply because how anyone could come up with a new album that quickly seemed a far-fetched hope to me.

Long Way Home’ kicks things off for us and it is a cracking track that caught my attention right away. (You can hear the song by clicking on the appropriate link under the Media heading near the top of the page).

The second track features none other than the one and only Age Sten Nilsen (Wig Wam, Ammunition) on guest vocals, a man that vocalist Zoran Sandorov channels a bit himself here and there. Again, this second track caught my attention and made me sit up a bit straighter in my chair as I listened. I was beginning to think I may have been a bit rushed in my thoughts of being disappointed by this album.

Keeping this going on a high note we come to track three and what has got to be the catchiest song of the entire record. ‘Understand’. Showing his versatility as a vocalist as he channels at different times, no small amount of Johnny Gioeli and at other times, as mentioned, sounding not unlike Nilsen.

Three songs in and all three are, in my opinion, stronger than anything from their first album. No small feat that.

Fully involved in this record now I anxiously wait as the next track starts. ‘Desire’ is the title and it is a hard and heavy rocker that shows a bit of Sandorov’s range as he reaches up for some higher notes.

The minute that ‘Hungarian Girl’ started with its upbeat intro than I knew I was in for a treat. The first verse started and I was not let down in the least as I immediately found myself nodding my head along to the music. An incredibly catchy song with a terrific melody.

Flying’ is the first track that I feel doesn’t quite rise to the levels of the first five tracks but still a great song and it leads into ‘Saturday Night’, a hard rocking number that tells the story of how difficult it is the make it in the music world but how, if it is your passion, than you go out and play your heart out every night and put on the best show you can.

We’re Dying’ is another standout for me. An upbeat track with a great vocal performance that leads us into ‘Run Together’, another upbeat rocker that is just top-notch and it takes us to ‘Feel The Heat’. Another great chorus on this one.

Manhattan Memories’ is where the record loses me. This mid-tempo ballad, the only ballad present on the record, just does nothing for me personally and is the only song from the album that I feel I could do without.

I went into this album more than halfway expecting to be disappointed due to the speed with which it was released.

Damn! Was I ever wrong!

In a rare turn, these German rockers have not only accomplished releasing a sophomore album that rivals their debut, but in fact they have one that utterly blows the first album out of the water.

Zoran Sandorov has quite an exceptional voice that has traces of a few singers coupled into one and he sounds absolutely fantastic on this record while backed by the sensational talents of Radivoj Petrovic, Alex Frey, Dennis Kunz and Lars Nipps, a group of artists that insure you are getting a top-notch record.

If you liked the first album then get ready, because you will not want to miss this one! Outstanding!

Very highly recommended!





Standout Tracks:


Long Way Home’.

Never Let You Go’.



Hungarian Girl’.

We’re Dying’.

Feel The Heat’.



Rating: 94 out of 100.


Reviewed by David.

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