Pretty Wild – Interstate 13 2019 album review.


Pretty Wild

‘Interstate 13’






2019 release from Black Lodge Records.




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Pretty Wild – ‘Meant For Trouble’ music video.


Pretty Wild – ‘Superman’ music video.



The Band:



Ivan Ivve Hoglund – Vocals. Axl Ludwig – Guitar. Kim Chevelle – Bass. Johnny Benson – Drums.



Artist location:


Stockholm and Malmo Sweden.



Track listing:


  1. Let’s Get It Out.
  2. Meant For Trouble.
  3. Superman.
  4. Wild And Free.
  5. Give It All Tonight.
  6. Stand My Ground.
  7. The Way I Am.
  8. Thanks To You.
  9. Shot Me Down.
  10. Walk The Edge.
  11. I Love It.
  12. Break Down The Walls.






Swedish rockers Pretty Wild first introduced the world to their mix of sleaze meets 80s hard rock and all tied up in a nice bow with the Scandi-rock sound that has been pouring out of Europe in melodic rock for many years now, back in 2006.

Originally releasing an EP titled ‘All The Way’, the band soon found themselves in demand and went back into the studio, re-recorded the EP and added in several new songs as well, the result was the fantastic 2009 release that featured 8 tracks of some great rock n’ roll and saw the band sign a record deal with SwedMetal Records.

The EP launched the band on their way in grand style and after touring extensively throughout Europe and the US the band turned back to the drawing board and in 2014 the band returned with a new record deal with Dead End Exit Records and their first full length album titled ‘Pretty Wild’. The record sold out and is now a hard to find, out of print gem. The 14 tracks once again showcased a band that was poised to take over the melodic hard rock music scene.

Fast forward to 2019 and Pretty Wild have just dropped their second full length album.

Interstate 13’ is the title.

Pure rock n’ roll heaven is what it contains.

I really don’t know what I can say about this album other than holy shit!! These guys have knocked it clear out of the park with this record. Everything that was good in the EP and that first album have been retained here while taking those parts, working on them, tweaking them and returning with a collection of 12 songs that are in every way the best material the band has ever released. Period.

First let’s talk about the band members themselves. Vocalist Ivan Hoglund has always sounded great in everything I have heard him sing but the man sounds better than ever here and time and again he surprised me as he reached higher and higher into his register to deliver soaring vocals. With a great mix in his voice that is able to both get down and dirty and deliver the sleaze and then turn around and deliver a smashing power ballad in a great melodic rock/AOR vocal, Ivan is a rarity in vocalists these days. To be certain, this is a singer at the top of his game right here.

Guitarist Axl Ludwig, bassist Kim Chevelle and drummer Johnny Benson have never sounded better, delivering tight musicianship throughout the entire record, their talent shining through on every track as the screaming guitar wails out over the thumping bassline and driving drum beats of three musicians that can more than hold their own.

And the music? Well the music is a thing of beauty. I have liked the EP and the debut album and still listen to both with great frequency, that being said, the songs contained on ‘Interstate 13’ have reached another level. Ridiculously catchy melodies that will have you singing along in no time flat and banging your head along with the beats.

Let’s Get It Out’ gets things started for us and this hard hitting rocker brings to mind a comparison to Reckless Love.

Meant For Trouble’ and ‘Superman’ come in at track two and track three and what a couple of doozies they are! You can see the rather bizarre music videos for these two tracks by clicking on the appropriate links near the top of the page under the Media heading.

Wild And Free’ is, simply put, an utterly amazing mid-tempo ballad with one of the best choruses of the record! I absolutely love this track and it leads into another fun rocker in ‘Give It All Tonight’.

Stand My Ground’ and ‘The Way I Am’ are both wonderful rock n’ rollers that will have you head banging along while ‘Thanks To You’ takes things way down and delivers one hell of an amazing power ballad! An excellent song with some of the best vocals of the album.

Shot Me Down’, ‘Walk The Edge’ and ‘I Love It’ are all three terrific, hard rocking tracks that carry us into the last song of the record with one of my favorites, ‘Break Down The Walls’. Another excellent song here. A fast paced, hard rocking number with a chorus that, oddly enough, reminds me a bit of something Dokken may have done in years past. The chorus only that is.

Comparable to the likes of Reckless Love, Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet and Confess with touches of Kissin’ Dynamite, I can even hear a little Slik Toxic in there every now and then.

So with a mixture of sleaze rock meets that late 80’s, early 90’s hard rock sound, Pretty Wild have undoubtedly just delivered the best album of their career and, though we are only at the halfway point of the year, I will wager that this will be a strong contender for my top album of the year.

Fans of any of the aforementioned bands or just folks looking for some incredibly catchy rock n’ roll need to grab this one right now and add it to your collection and your playlist before it sales out like their previous album and becomes a hard to find gem. It will be in my rotation for years to come, guaranteed.

Very highly recommended!



Standout Tracks:


Meant For Trouble’.


Wild And Free’.

Thanks To You’.

I Love It’.

Break Down The Walls’.



Rating: 98 out of 100.


Reviewed by David.


  1. A new band to me but I really like the songs you put in here! Off to check out the whole album. Thanks for the heads-up!


    1. Stefan, I am glad this review helped you to discover these guys! They are fantastic and this album is just outstanding! If you like the two songs included in the review then you should like the entire record!


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