New single from Dion Bayman.



The talented Dion Bayman has just dropped his new single.

Regarding the song Dion says, “There’s a lot going on in the world at the moment. So I sat down, started to write and ‘Jaded‘ was the end result. I’m sure many people will be able to relate to it”.

Dion is currently working on a new studio album with a release date tentatively expected  in 2021. “I’m taking my time with the new album. If everything goes to plan I hope to have it out in the next year or two”.

Once again Art Of Melody & Burning Minds Music Group will be handling the album.

Check out the new single ‘Jaded‘ here.

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  1. Let’s do a little inventory, shall we. This site, in 2020, has given us the following:
    a.) One FULL album review
    b.) One EP review
    c.) One SINGLE review and
    d.) One watered down best of 2019 list
    Four fucking items!! It is losing its vision and purpose. I’ve heard that there are reviews coming and interviews waiting to be worked on and posted. What kind of Mickey Mouse horse shit of a site has it become? Regain your focus and get back the flair and the fire the site had in the past!!


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