Richard Marx – Limitless Hits Live concert reveiw 05/07/2021.

Richard Marx

Limitless Hits Live concert review 05/07/2021

Richard Marx – Limitless Hits Live (Trailer) – YouTube

Richard Marx – “Should’ve Known Better” Limitless Hits Live Clip – YouTube

It is a strange world we find ourselves in these days. Not much over a year ago I doubt many of us would have dreamed a world that resembled one we had only seen in film and read in books would actually exist in our lifetimes but the reality is this is life now, at least for the present time, and we have had to conform to things like social distancing and mask wearing to survive. It has affected most everyone on planet earth and changed our way of living for over a year now.

One of many areas that was hit hard was the live music scene. Obviously live shows of any nature were shut down for many months. We saw venues closing their doors, sadly many of them for good. Artists and bands calling it a day because they could no longer tour and had no income and had to resort to other lines of work to make ends meet. Through this whole pandemic we have seen live shows popping up all over the place online. I have many friends in the music industry and have personally supported everything from someone sitting in their living room playing an acoustic guitar and singing and simply asking for a small tip if possible to full bands playing their garage to shows that have been professionally videoed on a closed set and require a pre-purchased ticket. Artists that just wanted and needed to get back out there. Whether it was out of a monetary need or simply because they are an artist and just had to be performing or, and this is the case with most of the musicians I know, it was because they saw what a messed up world it was and what we all collectively are going through and thought that perhaps their music just may brighten someone’s day or help them through a rough spot. As a music lover I can assure you, it ALWAYS helps.

I have lost count of how many shows, big or small, I have watched and supported through all of this but when I saw that Richard Marx was going to be doing another show I knew I had to be a part of it. I missed one he did in 2020 and I wasn’t going to let this one pass me by as well.

Richard has long been one of my favorite vocalists. Known to many as more of a balladeer the truth is the man can sing just about anything and sound absolutely superb and if anyone has heard any of his albums, particularly his earlier material, they know that he can sure as hell rock out when he wants to and this show featured a full band, something that Richard has mostly left behind on his tours, opting instead for a more intimate, acoustic show, and the full band feature was something that I was quite excited to hear and see.

So with drinks in hand and ready to rock, my wife and I settled in to watch the show.

The night started with the title track from Richard’s newest record, ‘Limitless’, a fantastic album and one of my top records of 2020. It was immediately obvious that the entire band was having a blast and just happy to be playing again and ‘Limitless’ was a great start to the show. With its upbeat and catchy melody and feel good lyrics it really set the stage for what was to come with the rest of the night.

Next up came ‘Endless Summer Nights’ and I have to tell you, if this guy has lost anything vocally over the years then I sure as hell can’t tell it. I swear he sounds as phenomenal today at 57 as he did when this song released in 1987.

The fun ‘Front Row Seat’, also from the ‘Limitless’ album, kept the night rolling and it was followed by one of my favorite songs ever in ‘Angelia’ before launching into another newer one with ‘Up All Night’ a song written for his wife Daisy Fuentes.

It was mother’s day weekend when this show was performed and so he played a song that he posts on his social media every year at this time but had never played live as he revealed to us. Just a beautiful song that was written for his mother called ‘Thanks To You’ that most of his fans will be familiar with but to the best of my recollection has never been released on a studio album.

Thanks To You’ started the more chilled out segment of the show and the mega hit ‘Hazard’ was up next followed by the ‘Rush Street’ single ‘Keep Coming Back’ and the lovely final track from the newest record, co-written by his good friend and frequent collaborator Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon, ‘This One’.

A short medley followed where he talked about and played snippets of a few songs that he had written for other artists which included ‘Crazy’ (Kenny Rogers), ‘Edge Of A Broken Heart’ (Vixen), ‘Dance With My Father’ (Luther Vandross) and ‘This I Promise You’ (NSYNC) before playing his power ballad ‘Hold On To The Nights’. Once again I have to point out just how incredible Marx is still sounding. Sure, he sounds absolutely terrific on the new material but it is on this older stuff, the songs we have been listening to for the past 20 or 30 years that it really stands out just how amazing his voice still is. My wife and I made comments to each other throughout the entire show on his vocals and how well they have stood up over time. There are only a handful of artist that can boast of that.

Another ballad followed with ‘Now And Forever’ before ‘When You Loved Me’ from the ‘Stories To Tell’ record started to bring the band back into the picture. ‘Another One Down’ from ‘Limitless’ and ‘Satisfied’ led into his version of his own song ‘Long Hot Summer’ that he wrote with Keith Urban for Urban’s 2010 record ‘Get Closer’.

Two more of my favorites of his came next with the fantastic ‘Take This Heart’ and ‘Should’ve Known Better’ the latter of which featured an excellent musical outro that was just great and I loved it.

We all knew it was coming at some point and right near the end he finally played ‘Right Here Waiting’, his voice sounding just phenomenal on it. This was followed by a short snippet of Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ was next as Richard made some humorous comments about his backing vocals on the song before the set ended far too soon with of course ‘Don’t Mean Nothin’’.

If you have ever seen Richard live then you know how humorous he is on stage and tonight was no different as he told funny stories and history behind some songs. The set was near perfect, the energy remained high during the whole thing even during the mellow section in the middle. The band was in fine form and sounded great and Richard looked and sounded as good as ever and you could tell from minute one until the last note that the guys were having so much fun and with the energy and passion that they displayed throughout the whole set you would have thought they were playing to a crowd of a thousand rather than a camera and a live crowd of a mere 15.

The world is slowly starting to get back to normal and live shows have begun again and I hope it won’t be much longer before they are back in full swing again because nothing beats being in a live audience and watching a show. But for the time being I am so grateful that we live in a time where virtual shows are even a possibility and I am so grateful for so many artists like Richard who are taking the time to do these shows for the fans and connecting with fans on a much deeper and more personal level through social media and fund raising programs or simply opening up a chat for fans to write in their questions while they answer them live. I know for many, myself certainly included, it has played such a key role in keeping us sane during this time.

This time in life with technology where it is gives us the opportunities like this where we were able to sit in our living room and watch a live show and sing along and laugh and feel like a part of it all and for if only two short hours were able to forget about the world and all the crap out there and just enjoy ourselves with live music again. It was simply wonderful.

If you ever get the chance to see Richard Marx live then do not even hesitate. You are assured of a good time with great music, some laughs and coming away from it just feeling damn good.


  1. Saw him back on his Repeat Offender tour and again about four years ago and you are right, he still sounds outstanding.


  2. Excellent review Dave. I just wish Richard would, at some stage when the world settles down, tour down under to new Zealand. I don’t think he has visited our wonderful shores and i would love to see him live.


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