Just a little about me and why I do this.

I am a music lover, a music enthusiast if you will, just an average joe who would love nothing more than to see the amazing artists and the incredible music of melodic rock get the recognition it, and they, deserve.

Hair metal, sleaze, glam, melodic rock, AOR, no matter what you call it it is the greatest music in the world. It features some of the greatest, most talented musicians the world has ever seen and the most phenomenal vocalists to ever walk the Earth.

While many casual genre lovers are under the illusion that real rock ‘n’ roll died around 1992-93 when the horrid Grunge era took over, the fact is that the genre is alive and well to this day. Even some passionate fans of the 70’s and 80’s music scene that I have met were completely unaware that there is still great music being released in this style.

Places like Sweden are pouring out artists and bands one after another that are still keeping rock alive.

Labels like Frontiers Records, Kivel Records, Melodic Rock Records and AOR Heaven are continuing to find bands and release new material within the genre for us adoring fans.

Folks like Michael McPherson of NEHrecords.com still hold on to the dream that real rock ‘n’ roll is out there by founding the largest online retail store in the US for melodic rock album sales.

I started this site early in 2016 at the pushing of a good friend and of my wife to take my love and knowledge of this music and put it to use. The response has been far better than I ever imagined and I am more than appreciative to every single person and artist that has followed me and takes the time to read my thoughts on this amazing genre.

I have long desired to do something within the music field but let’s face it, getting into the musical arena within the melodic rock and hair metal genre is not an easy thing to do these days when pop rock, modern rock and rap rule the radio and this genre is sadly a less than widely acknowledged genre here in the States. There is just not much call for it when you are talking about getting into it outside of an actual musical capacity.

This site allowed me to share my love of this phenomenal music in a way that could actually help these artists reach a broader audience. I found I was able to not only help new fans discover albums and artists they had no prior knowledge of but also help reintroduce folks to a band or a record that they had not listened to or thought of for many years.

My biggest desire was, and still is, to do all that I could to help get this music and these artists out there to more people and reach every single person I possibly could and introduce them to this music. These artists deserve SO much more then they receive. They should be household names, they should be selling out arenas the world over and selling millions of records, and I want to do everything that I can to help them out.

Through this site I have had the privilege and honor of being able to secure several interviews with some of my idols in the music industry, and through it all I have strived to continue this site with the same passion that I started it with just a few short months back.

Nobody is going to agree with every review I write. Nobody is going to enjoy every song I post on my Facebook page for the site, and that is okay. The point is not to try and convince everyone that my particular tastes are the way to go for them personally. We all have our different tastes within the genre. This is all about the music. All I can do is write about the albums I enjoy and give you my point of view on them and post songs that I like. I hope everyone likes what I post. I hope that every post I make, every review I write, reaches someone new, introduces someone to a song or album they did not know. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter if you agree with it all or like it all because I think I can speak for everyone who follows my site, many of whom I have spoken with, when I say that we all share a common thought and that is that this is all about the music and helping to get it out there to more people.

There are bigger and better sites out there with writers far better than I can ever hope to be, so a BIG thank you to you all for reading anything that I write. I am not a professional writer or a journalist, so don’t expect the most eloquent reviews you’ve ever read, they are just the thoughts of a passionate fan who wants to do everything he can to help this music out.

This is THE greatest music in the world! From the 1980’s to today, melodic rock has been the cornerstone for many a person, myself included. Songs that will forever be a part of our DNA.

And that music is still around. Sure, those classic artists have aged a bit. Their voices may not be able to reach those ear splitting notes these days, but they are still releasing music, and in some cases, the best music of their careers!

And then we have the newer artists. Bands like Eclipse, Bulletrain, Dynazty, Maverick, Cruzh and so many countless others that are putting out stellar music. Albums that harken back to those golden days of music. Songs that will find you whipping out that air guitar once again, singing to the steering wheel and taking you back to those days of youthful abandon when there was nothing better in the world then popping that cassette tape in the car sterio and cruising down the highway singing at the top of your lungs with not a care in the world.

I love this music. I love everything about it. I love the old. I love the new. They are songs about real life. About love, loss, friends, family and good times. Songs anyone can relate to because we have all been there. We’ve all suffered that broken heart, felt those stirrings of love or had the time of our lives hanging with our best buds. This is more than simply music to me and to countless other like me.

This is the soundtrack to our lives, this is about life, this is about loves lost and found, heartaches and tears. About family and about making every second count.

This is melodic rock.


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  1. Hi! Reading your bio about the music scene and your music taste is like reading something i have myself written and talked about over the years. Ex. Bon Jovi were my top 3, with Def Leppard and Skid Row, I still buy their cds. Johnny Lima rules in his own right but he really does sound like BJ. But thats all good cuz imo he releses far better than BJ does these days. And so do Grand Design talking about DL copy cats. Loud Lion and BB Steal have great cds as well. Saw your review about Razormaid, love their cd. Bought it jon Ebay ust a couple of years ago. Listening to it now. Not a perfect album like ICONS night of the crime, pyromania etc, not even like White Sisters st, XYZ st, but still a great album with a couple stellar songs that would fit on the ICON album. I hear Dokken, Silent Rage and XYZ in this album. The singer is a-class. Anyway, great list of the year you have, BUT where is my nr 1 pick for the year Palace, from Sweden, Frontiers records? Palace, The Defiants, Byan Cole are my top three. I like the more straight ahead arena hardrock/aor style of bandss than the boogie, blusey, rock n roll-ish stuff that for ex Steve Overlands solo cds. Firehouse (of old) South Gang, Trixter, Wildside, Sven Gali, Strangeways, Survivor, Sunstorm, Zeno are more in my taste of melodic rock. By the way, I love Dynazty as well, but gotta say that Renatus imo is way better than their latest. I like their change from melodic sleaze to melodic metal, they are superb musicians. Another preference for me are the vocal styles of Crimson Glory ex vox Midnight (rip), he together w/ Warrel Dane (old Sanctuary era) were the best metal vocalist out there. Yeah I know. Tate, Halford, Kiske, Mallicoat (Lethal) were/some still real good vocalists. There you go, I had to write to you cuz its fun to come across some one else with good taste in music ha ha. I´ll follow you on Facebook.

    Your not in the Rockreport comunity? Ive been there for over ten years now.

    Cheers from Sweden!

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