Razormaid – First Cutt 1987 album review. 4 star rating.



‘First Cutt’

1987 release from Toe Jams Records.

Razormaid – ‘Livin’ On The Run’ audio video.

Razormaid – ‘Sooner Or Later’ audio video.

Razormaid – ‘Racing With Time’ audio video.

Jamie Lee – Vocals. Curt Mitchell – Guitar, keyboards. John Kirk – Guitar. Dave Wix – Bass. Dean Clarkson – Drums.

Artist location: Reno, Nevada, USA.

4 out of 5 stars rating.

Reviewed by David.

  1. Sooner Or Later.
  2. Fight For Your Love.
  3. Blue Thunder.
  4. Obsession.
  5. Livin’ On The Run.
  6. Victim Of The Night.
  7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Invasion.
  8. The Drifter.
  9. Second Time Around.
  10. Too Late.
  11. Racing With Time.




Likely a fairly unknown album to many, Razormaid’s sole record, ‘First Cutt‘, is a pretty fantastic slice of Dokken influenced rock ‘n’ roll. Being a huge fan of Dokken myself the minute I popped this one in back when I originally purchased it and heard some of the comparisons I knew I was in for a ride that I was going to thoroughly enjoy.

And that initial feeling was right. I loved it, and still do.

I will be honest, I actually know very little about the band itself save that this was their only record to be released and that it is fabulous. Not perfect, but a very satisfying listen for any fan of the 1980’s rock scene.

Vocally frontman Jamie Lee has a strong bit of Don Dokken going on, mainly on the high notes where he channels quite a lot of the classic vocalist. In fact I’d say mix a bit of early Dokken and a bit of Lillian Axe and you will have an idea of what this fabulous band sounds like. Or click on the links near the top of the page to listen to one of my favorites of the record, ‘Livin’ On The Run‘, the album opener, ‘Sooner Or Later‘, or the album closer, ‘Racing With Time‘. All three are terrific songs and will give you all you need to know about how these guys sound and the strength of this album.

While perhaps not as instantly catchy as the aforementioned bands, in fact there isn’t really a song on the album I would personally say was strong single material, the album works as a whole and is a very strong effort from a band that met it’s demise far too early.

There are really no bad tracks to be found here per se, but there are a couple of songs that I am not too crazy about personally. ‘Obsession‘ is the first. A slower song that, while it has a great vocal performance, just has never done much for me.

The Drifter‘ is an upbeat track, again with a great vocal, but the song itself has never quite reached the heights of the other tracks to me and is probably my least favorite of the record.

Again, neither of those are bad songs mind you, they just aren’t nearly as strong as the rest in my opinion.

And the rest is wonderful. ‘Sooner Or Later‘, ‘Fight For Your Love‘, ‘Blue Thunder‘, ‘Livin’ On The Run‘ and ‘Victim Of The Night‘ are all very strong rockers that keep the first half of this record going on a high note with the little hiccup of ‘Obsession‘ in the middle there.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Invasion‘ is a good song but it dials back the strength just a small a bit I think from the first half of the record. It is immediately followed by ‘The Drifter‘ which I mentioned above.

Second Time Around‘ dials things way back with the slowest track of the album. Not an outstanding ballad but decent enough and the vocals are terrific.

Then we are right back to rocking out with two excellent tracks in ‘Too Late‘ and ‘Racing With Time‘ and that rounds out the album and ends it like it started, on a nice, hard rocking note.

All in all this is an oft overlooked gem of a record that has some excellent vocals and some great musicianship and fans of early Dokken and Lillian Axe will likely find this a great addition to their music library. I certinaly did. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Highly recommended.


Standout Tracks:


‘Sooner Or Later’.

‘Fight For Your Love’.

‘Blue Thunder’.

‘Livin’ On The Run’.

‘Victim Of The Night’.

‘Too Late’.

‘Racing With Time’.

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